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Dates Market

Date, the drupes originating from Mesopotomia, the very essence of Bedouin culture is omnipresent at all the shops, the streets, tourist destinations and shopping venues in Abu Dhabi. If you are a date lover or not, the Dates Markets in Abu Dhabi will surely delight you. You can find hundreds of date varieties in the quaint markets and street shops in the Emirati capital. The Ajwa date, which is believed to posses healing properties, tastes like little pieces of heaven. The Barhi dates melts away in your mouth like caramel. The Safawi dates are super sweet, juicy, and packed with vitamins. Every other variety of date is so unique in terms of taste and appearance. A stroll through the dates markets, quaffing the heart-warming aroma of the dates, is a must try while visiting Abu Dhabi Attractions.


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