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Emirates Palace Hotel

UAE’s capital city is gifted with lots of sought-after destinations to make your vacation more interesting and worthwhile. One of such first-class Abu Dhabi attractions is the Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi. This is not just a 5-star hotel; it’s more like a Palace or even beyond that! Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi’s designs and colors aptly depict the rich culture and heritage of Arab world. This royal palace houses 394 residences, comprising 22 residential suites and 92 suites - with most of them furnished in Gold and Marble. The world famous Le Café (that has got twin honors as Abu Dhabi’s “best afternoon tea” as well as the “best cafe”) is also located in this palace hotel. So in either way this landmark can’t be omitted from the top Abu Dhabi attractions’ list. At the very first glance you will realize why Emirates Palace is extra special for Abu Dhabi visitors as well as locals.


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Packed with unexpected pleasurable surprises, United Arab Emirates lure hordes of visitors from all over the world. This intriguing destination was once a desert…soon became an outstanding global power, and is currently one of the thriving countries in the world. A country that is a combination of seven alluring emirates, offers so much see and

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