5 Tips Unveiled for an Unforgettable Group Excursion
19 August, 2019

5 Tips Unveiled for an Unforgettable Group Excursion

Going on a group excursion is not as easy as it sounds. It comes with a lot of ups and downs and to have a perfect excursion in play, a lot of factors have to be put into account to carry it out properly. Let’s discuss how to plan a group trip!

If you think about it; how often did you go on an excursion organized by an agency and you were totally disappointed with their methods? The excursion did not go according to plan, you got the wrong room or you weren’t informed that the departure time for daily activities had changed and so on. I have to admit that it happened to me too, especially while traveling with brand new agencies, or even when it came to organizing short tours by my own self.

Through experiences, by going on group excursions over and over again and through making faults and mistakes I have managed to list out some very obvious tips to coordinate a group excursion. Some that you can follow through to make your group excursions safer and without much errors or faults.

It all starts with a plan. And to list out the plan and its structure you need to have an itinerary, listing out every destination in place and activities too. So we start with that here.

1) Make a proper itinerarytravel planning

Create a well-planned itinerary with proper photos, content, and description of every detailed information that’s necessary. From the time of activity to the prices, duration and a short overview of what’s happening can give a somewhat clear cut idea to the group about what’s going to happen throughout the excursion on a day to day basis.

2) Make a list of passengers

It’s a constant issue where people just plan and bail when things start falling into place. When you plan a group excursion it should be made mandatory that the people involved in the trip should have a complete dedicated mind and the will to travel. So make sure there is a complete list of every passenger at hand all the time and keep track of their presence and activities and also inform them about their daily updates.

3) Double check every detail

Since its a group excursion the coordinator has to be responsible for every single detail of the journey and the schedule and services provided. Planning a group trip checklist is very helpful for the entire trip. Make sure that there is proper seat allocation and proper stay arranged for every single member and no one should be left standing or helpless and also that they receive proper food and essentials needed. It’s a must to check the seat availability for travel methods and also the place to stay as well and all the expenses for the respective services are paid for it as well. Make sure if your passengers have special needs and ensure that the services that they need are provided to them. Get to know the passengers well and their comfort zones and you have to ensure that everyone is safe, comfortable and accounted for throughout the journey.

4) Always set reminders and alerts for the group

Time is one of the most essential factors that come into play while holding out a group excursion. Managing passengers is not an easy task and it comes with its own difficulties. Chances of getting lost at places due to this reason are very common because they spend exploring some destinations for extra durations and end up missing their travel source. Hence its always best to set reminders or phone alerts containing information about the departure time and place, trip schedule, reminder of the documents they should take and maximum luggage allowed and much more to every single member involved in the group excursion to ensure that they reach on time. Also, proper time management should be done so that they can have a hassle-free travel experience.

5) Stick to the time schedule and follow the itinerary:

Another common issue that comes into play while traveling with groups is that the travel plan is always changing according to the interests of others. So always make sure that you strictly follow the itinerary and that you stick to the plan made, else it can be a major troublesome issue and can make a huge mess. Plans made in between tours can be a major ruckus because people travel with you according to the time that they’ve made and they dedicate it solely for the excursion. So make sure that when you make your travel itinerary, stick to it and avoid changing plans in between the journey.

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Try and follow all these tips for traveling with a tour group as much as you can and get proper feedback from every traveler who’s there with the excursion. This will make sure that you know where you excelled and where you failed. I will say that it may seem hard to fulfill all the conditions mentioned above because it is hard to manage everything and get the perfect results. In the end, we cannot always have perfect results but the goal is to ensure that every member of the excursion is happy, pleased and has thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

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