9 Types of Travellers: What kind of a traveller are you?
15 July, 2019

9 Types of Travellers: What kind of a traveller are you?

Day after day, different types of travelers hit the ground running to travel the world. Buoyed by the prospect of exploring a new horizon, these are constantly on the lookout for locations and destinations. While all the travelers share the same passion for traveling, what defines or divides them is their style and character. So, whether you are a quintessential backpacker or a thorough explorer, you will most certainly make your way into this list of different traveler types.

1. Solo Traveler (Relaxed and Unconcerned)


The ones who have had enough of the familiar picture. The ones who want to engage completely with their new surroundings, all alone. The ones who bask in the glory of solitude and realize who they truly are. Forces of nature are their only companion, which lets them report more vivid memories from their trips. The ones with enhanced narration skills.

2. Urban Traveler (Smooth and Glossy)


These types know what they are doing. They belong to the no-nonsense category. They set off with a meticulously packed luggage and know their return dates. They look slick and sharp. The ones who have a thing for deep alleyways, bright city lights, museums, cuisines, and bars. These lots are probably holding corporate jobs, have their cabin decked in the corner and brunch is quite possibly their favorite meal.

3. Nature Traveler (Style and Substance)

nature traveler

The ones who adore pristine lakes, gorgeous mountain ranges, majestic oceans and so on. The world is theirs for the taking as Nature restores the spirit. They exude a lot of patience and can stare at a tree for hours together.  They understand the poetry of earth for they are filled with passion.

4. The Settler (Firm and Calm)

the settler

These are the ones who visit a place, fall in love with it and don’t return back. They just nestle in there. The exotic breed with no inhibitions. They upgrade their conviction to match their destiny. They have answers to all questions. They are fearless and have an exquisite vision. They just know how to belong.

5. Thrill Seeker (Bright and Animated)

Thrill seeker

Adrenaline junkies who would probably be free runners in a city full of skyscrapers if they let their imagination run wild. Nah, that’s a bit too much, ain’t it? Nonetheless, you take them to a spot where thrill knows no bounds, this notorious kind will spark into life. They will make the onlookers envy them. They are full of energy and exude some serious passion, which is contagious.

6. The Passionately Curious (Freakish and outlandish)

The passionately curious

The ones who breathe in and breathe out every second. The ones who intend to turn every moment into a feast for all their senses. The ones who make each day a new horizon. The ones to cherish.

7. Pilgrim (Relaxed and Serene)

Pilgrim traveller

These traveler types find solace in religious shrines and everything else is secondary. The groupies, who find themselves right in the middle of everything, divide religion and spirituality.

8. Food Lover (Open and Broad)

food lover

These food rangers can master the basics of any language, thanks to some serious love for food. They value authenticity over anything else and can be found roaming the streets, spoilt for the decision, not knowing what to choose as food in a different country or a place is always scrumptious. These types are close buddies with cab drivers.

9. The Discoverer (Quirky and Offbeat)

the discoverer

Endangered species, thanks to the internet which has made our world a small and easier place to find. So, it is hard to unearth the next Vasco da Gama or Columbus, but we might potentially stumble upon a few diamonds in the rough who will come up with some rave reviews about a newly opened restaurant.

Gone through the list? Figured out the kind of traveler you are? Whatever that may be, your feet must be all itchy about the next travel plan after going through the aforementioned list, for once bitten by the travel bug is always bitten!

Are you Planning to somewhere, here we’ve listed out several important Smart Travel Tips on our blog. Please feel free to check out the article and comment on your feedback.

9 Types of Travellers


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