Arabian Travel Market 2018 - Dubai World Trade Centre
15 July, 2019

Arabian Travel Market

‘Arabian Travel Market’ aka ‘ATM’ is a dominant International event organized every year by the Arab Travel and Tourism world for the travel-enthusiasts and tour professionals in order to share more and more information regarding the high rising tourism enterprise. It is an extensive gateway to the inbound and outbound Travel and Tourism industry.

This novel and a significant platform was commenced on 1995 at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and now Arabian Travel Market Dubai 2018 is pitching to the glorious 21st Edition on April 22-25, 2018 (04 days) at the city of Dubai and is expecting 2,800+ exhibitors from around 83 countries and 40,000 visitors from near and far.

Arabian Travel Market

Arabian Travel Market Exhibition, is an educational occurrence where travel experts, Government officials, and the general public, come together to deliver sundry information about newest dazzling travel destinations/attractions, new airline facilities, accommodation amenities, trends/changes, etc.

In short, it is all about the tourism industry. Moreover, Global Tourism Industry considers this platform as a suitable opportunity for a face-to-face discussion with travel and other corporate companies from all the nook and corner of the world.  


In every year, this business-to-business (B2B) event comes up with a meticulous theme. This time it is ‘Family Travel’. In addition to this, travel, technology, wellness, luxury travel and business travel are also focused along with the primary subject. The screening of interesting Vlogs (video blogs) will also help to acquire more knowledge about these themes.

Usually, this event takes place on different pavilions with various programs such as; seminars, career programs, debates, and many more activities and these are the things that make ‘ATM Dubai’ a superior tourist event in the world tourism map.

In a nutshell, Arabian Travel Market 2018 Dubai helps to portray the Tourism business at its best, comprehend the recent and up-to-date trends in tourism, learn more about travel & tourism, meet leading companies and their strategies, discover newest attractions and flourish in every possible way!

Arabian Travel Market

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