Dolphins are so Friendly: Go Discover Atlantis Dolphin Bay
15 July, 2019

Dolphins are so Friendly: Go Discover Atlantis Dolphin Bay

Why won’t anyone love dolphins? They are one of the most intelligent and friendly mammals on Earth as I have interacted in person with them.

Do you know they are so perfect in what they do? Okay! You got to know this when I read this quote by Albert Einstein

“There is no question dolphins are smarter than humans as they play more”.

Later, that moment my father jest and stated, “let’s go see Dolphins, I’ve heard they are adorable”. The second he implied. I crashed into a vacant zone and tripped to Dubai with my energetic brooders to discover the deep roar of the ocean masters – The Dolphins at Atlantis Dolphin Bay.  

We hit the journey of a splash by beating the heat of summer visiting the World’s Largest Coastal Dolphin Territory in Dubai. The Atlantis Dolphin Bay yields you experience bonding with the dolphin’s nose-to-nose intimate discovery in the blue lagoon. This up-close experience is appropriate for all age groups, especially suitable for a non-swimmer like me. 

Dolphin Encounter

atlantis dolphin bay

(Image Credits : Sageer Koya)

Have you ever met a Dolphin? Well, I’ve met one when we visited the Dolphin Bay in Atlantis, Dubai and it was a rare chance for us to get very close to these majestic sea mammals and depending on the type of interaction, we joined them in a spacious Dolphin Lagoon. Meanwhile, our trainers accompanied us and gave some incredible facts about these individual dolphins as we explored the depth of the bay. 

Do you think the non-swimmers will be missing the fun? Not at all, as trainers are here to save you for the day from getting backed up as an observer in the bay. But this can be valid only in conjunction with Dolphin interactions booked by your families or friends.

The exclusive 30 minutes of interaction with the dolphins is open for all ages and can utterly enjoy the ride on their belly as you hug and kiss them. Unlike my experience in Scuba diving, it is just a roller coaster ride with these amazing creatures.

Hence, for people with zero swimming habits, you can wish to bond as per your abilities to connect with the water. Let’s create a magical memory down the bay and seize it for a lifetime!

Check the official website : Atlantis Dolphin Bay

You should know I am that kid from ‘Rock Squad’ (slang used by the US military for non-swimmers) with a lack of confidence or someone who manages to drip underwater every time. But that smile from a dolphin cheered me up. Also, these interactive sessions are under the supervision of the trainers, so not to worry folks.

Take pleasure in living the moment while these water babies are waiting for you. 

Believe me! Atlantis Dolphin adventure is truly worth enduring and savoring the experience; underwater. 

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atlantis dolphin bay

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