A Traveler’s Guide to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Travel Guide

A land of fascinating past and sophisticated present, Azerbaijan is perfect for any kind of travellers, be a history buffs or those longing for spiritual rejuvenation, this is the perfect holiday destination as Azerbaijan holidays allow visitors to enjoy its wonderful treasures including impressive landscapes, ancient monuments and modern architectures that will deliver pleasurable experiences like no other.



Top Places & Attractions to Visit:




Spanning along the Caspian Sea, capital city of Baku is the first and foremost among the places to visit in Azerbaijan. It is actually a wonderland that contrast attractions ranging from old world treasures in the city of Icheri Sheher to the glittering modern skyscrapers. Hence the city is managed to preserve its ancient heritage amidst stunning modernity. Along with this, the city is also loaded with many religious buildings, museums, shopping places etc.


Yanar Dag Fire Mountain


As the name sounds, continuous flames  goes off from the mountain as the natural gas within it has kept the hill burning for years. The sight of long tongues of fire is more captivating in the evening. This place of eternal flame gives country the name ‘Land of Fire’.


Gobustan National Park


Located in the south of Baku, Gobustan National park is very good place to learn about the ancient part of human history. Totally different from rest of the attractions in the country, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is interesting site of ancient petroglyphs. More than 6000 pictographs and rack carvings showcased give visitors an insight into lifestyle of prehistoric people such as hunting, culture and recreation. In addition to this, there are active mud volcanoes, where visitors can have a close look.




Sheki, rich in picturesque gorges, green valleys, serene rivers, beautiful waterfalls, and meadows, is a delightful destination in Azerbaijan.  Old world glory of the city is well reflected in the medieval fortresses, Sheki Khan’s Palace and local history museum. This city is now a major center for craft works, hand-made souvenirs and also Sheki now hosts international along with local festivals attracting people around the world. Apart from these museums, parks, public baths are other mesmerizing things to experience.




Brimming with scenic splendors, Qabala is known as paradise for nature lovers. There are abundance of charming appeals including river valleys, Russian forests, Chestnut forest and impressive villages of Laza, Vyandam and Engidzha.  Country’s leading amusement park ‘Gabaland’ is located in this city. It is home to plenty of exciting rides for kids & adults as well as interesting events. Ski resort in the city offer winter sports lovers greater opportunity for partaking in their favorable things to do in Azerbaijan.




Being the second largest city, Ganja is revealed as a city that is steeped with rich natural, cultural and old heritage before you.  Top Azerbaijan attractions of the city includes lakes, rivers, forests, mountains and vineyards. There is a ‘Bottle house’, a two-storied building constructed with around 50,000 glass bottles – a sight to behold. Ganja has also the pride of being the home of 12th century poet Nizami. A visit to Ganja is a must when staying in this country.


Best time to visit:


The most appropriate time to visit Azerbaijan is generally between April and June, then during the months from September and October. During November to march, winter season is at its peak and in January, snowfall occurs heavily.


Safety and security:


Even though Azerbaijan is a country having low crime rate, be vigilant to protect yourselves from crime. Avoid carrying costly items with you. Take a great care while travelling especially if you are alone. Better not to take journeys during night.


Laws to know before you go:


Respect local traditions, customs, religious and cultural beliefs especially if you are visiting spiritual places.


— Proselytize is strictly banned in the country.


— Both men and women should always follow a modest dressing style.


— Strict actions are imposed against violation of traffic rules


— Illegal use of drugs is considered as a criminal offense


Keeping all these things in mind at the time of planning your tour to Azerbaijan will ensure you a hassle free vacation.


Accommodation and Food:


If you are planning a vacation in Azerbaijan, choosing the area to stay seems to be a hectic task if you have your own priorities and interests.


You will get budget friendly as well as reasonably priced accommodation..


  • In Baku at Shah Palace Hotel, Icheri Sheher Hotel or sahil hotel. Luxurious hotels in the city include Four Seasons and Fairmont hotels.
  • Qafqaz Karvansaray hotel, Qafqaz Tufanda Mountain Resort hotel and Gabaland Villa are some of the places to stay at Gabala.
  • Ganja has very comfortable accommodation facilities at Ramada Plaza Gence, Karvansaray hotel and Vego hotel.


Now, you will be certain why travel spirits says  Azerbaijan has got everything to make your holidaying, a wonderful experience.. This country is a very promising tourist spot not only because of its attractions and possessions but also for its economic friendliness. Since it is a very economic friendly site, traveling to this country becomes easier, hassle-free and budget friendly….. If you have a secret wish to explore this country, then, get ready with a detailed plan to visit this amazing land.






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