Baku Through My Eyes [ Complete Travel Guide ]
15 July, 2019

Baku Through My Eyes [Complete Travel Guide]

With a wanderer’s mind, I have travelled far and wide. All the time, the amazing and breathtaking sites have enchanted my travel spirit. Eventually, my fascination for maps got a new dimension with my recent holidays in Baku, Azerbaijan.

This capital city which is situated on the shore of The Caspian Sea displays a new perspective to Eurasian culture with the cultural influences of the Soviet Union too. It was a great opportunity for me to visit and experience all the best things to do in Baku, which is the seam of Asian-European culture.

Caspian SeaWhile I arrived, My old colleague, who has been living here for years, was waiting for me at the Airport. He drove me to the pre-booked hotel When I reached Baku; in an instant, I fell in love with this city that has been decorated by a display of colourful lighting giving authenticity to its nickname ‘Baku – The City of Lights’.

I have never seen such a stunning view of a spectacular light show in any other city. The grand LED lighting of high-rise buildings made the city to stay away from dullness and that sight is still engraved in my mind. I could never believe that I was deeply moved by the East-Lansing architecture and amazing panorama of this stupefying city.

Maiden Tower

I have started my Baku City Tour by exploring things to do in Icheri Sheher, a very old city. A major attraction of this UNESCO site is the Maiden tower (Qiz Qalasi). I was overwhelmed to enjoy the rooftop view of old Baku city and Baku Bay.The Maiden Tower

Shirvanshahs Palace

From here, I went to Shirvanshahs Palace, one of the gems of Azerbaijan architecture. I stood in front of this 15th-century medieval architecture, stunned and amazed by this fine piece of work. Here, everything seems attractive and incredible and among those attractions, the doors and the tombs need special mention. 

Shirvanshahs Palace

Miniature Book Museum

Miniature Book Museum bakuYet another must visit place in Baku is the Miniature Book Museum. Here I could see a massive collection of teeny-weenie books, and that was a pleasant surprise for the nerd in me! I took a stroll through the Kirov Park which today is a graveyard and cenotaph in Baku, devoted to those murdered by the Soviet Army in Nagorno-Karabakh War. Yes, I was at that site that needs no introduction, Martyr’s Lane.

Martyr’s Lane

Alley of MartyrsThis place has filled a thousand emotions in me. As I reached the exit, I felt shattered as I couldn’t stop myself from various thoughts related to life and death. And then I enjoyed the Baku’s shores where the Caspian Sea stretches across as a skyway does.

Burning Mountain

fire mountain BakuGoing to the sea for sunrise/ sunset will be a great idea and I would recommend that to my friends who are searching for places to visit in Baku. Visiting the fire mountain Baku – Yanar Dag or the “Burning Mountain”,

Atashgah Fire Temple

Atashgah Fire TempleAtashgah Fire Temple and our day trip to Gobustan housing mud volcanoes was a surprising bit of serendipity that bounces in my tour memories.

After travelling through the streets of Baku, I decided to call this city as the love child of two incredible cities. Though I could spot Soviet culture in every nook and corner, the architecture and skyscrapers resemble very much like Paris and Dubai hence I preferred to introduce Baku as the ‘Love Child of Dubai and Paris.’

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I would like to tell one thing to all globetrotters out there, “You must check out best city tours in Baku that covers all the must-visit attractions in Baku for the Azerbaijan holidays because this prosperous land is a mystery and can be well explored only with an experienced guide’s rally round!”

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