Beautiful Rail Journeys of the World You Must Experience
21 August, 2019

Beautiful Rail Journeys of the World You Must Experience

When traveling is all about seeking experience, your journey shouldn’t be like just getting into the desired destination faster. No matter where you are going, we wish a comfortable as well as relaxing trip. A bus, plane or car can’t bring that much enjoyable experience. Traveling by train, however, retains something magical radiating an intriguing and romantic aura. Perhaps it is the bustle at the station, getting seated, feeling of excitement when the whistle blows, a perception of seeing the outside landscape fly by or may be the hypnotic chugging of wheels that make your rail journey incredible. Here are some of the epic train journeys you should never miss!

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

rail journeys around the world

Venturing into the gorgeous landscapes of London, Paris, and Venice, this Express claims the fame of being one of the best train rides in the world. The train possesses a royal history even from the 20th century and is still the world’s most celebrated train in the world. Lavish suites with bathrooms, living rooms, food, and world-class onboard services add to its vintage carriage. Indeed it’s a train journey that will move you beyond your imagination.

The Trans-Siberian Train, Russia

Taking six days and 5 hours (covering 9300 Km), this is the longest and highest rail journey of all time. This train takes you from Moscow to the Pacific port of Vladivostok across endless tundra and forests. The service offered is top notch from expensive private compartments to third class  40-bed carriages in addition to unlimited refreshments. The principal attraction of the journey is the vast and stunning landscapes of Russia. What more can a globetrotter ask for?

The Glacier Express Switzerland

rail journeys around the world

Traveling through the stunning scenery of Swiss Alps in Glacier express is a once-in-a-lifetime train journey (almost 8 hours). It is the slowest express train in the world possessing many state-of-the-art facilities. Starting from St Moritz and Zermatt Alpine resorts, the train goes through 91 tunnels and 291 bridges covering deep gorges, alpine meadows of Switzerland, high peaks, lakes and beautiful hamlets, on and on. Other highlights include world-famous Landwasser Viaduct (magnificent six-arch structure standing 200 feet) and Oberalp Pass (highest point on the ride). The experience is quintessential.

Konkan Railway, India

Another exciting train journey is one that runs from Karnataka to Maharashtra through Goa. The route takes you on a series of altitudes, panoramas, rivers and fields which will evoke an air of adventure and of course, intrigue. If you are going from the South railway towards Goa, you can see Dudhsagar cascade which will leave you spellbound by its silvery beauty.

West Highland Railway, Scotland

Proudly holding the title of ‘most scenic railway line in the world,’ this ride opens up the most captivating natural treasures of which Scotland is famed. The train runs across the highlands of country to central Scotland. Facilities include armchair styled comfort seats, wide windows offering picture-perfect views, Wi-Fi and sockets giving you the best rail experience.  

Over the years, train travel has gained more importance than anyone ever thought about. More than just a means of getting from a point A to point B, it is a beautiful way to learn about the world.

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rail journeys around the world

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