5 Ways Traveling Changes Your Personality For The Better
21 August, 2019

5 Ways Traveling Changes Your Personality For The Better

Traveling is always an interesting activity for most people.

I mean, who doesn’t love a perfect getaway from the monotonous bustle and hustle.

For many years, I worked as an IT professional. I was in need of a break. In 2011, I said ‘bye’ to my corporate life and started traveling to unseen destinations. Since then, I started to look at life from a very unique perspective.

Over time, I have traveled to 16 countries and had some unparalleled experience. Exploring the world taught me some invaluable life lessons;

1.Traveling makes you smarter

My grandpa was a globetrotter totally and he used to tell me stories of the trips he made. One of my favorites is the fact that he shared about finding difficulty in dealing with new languages, food, culture and all. I just loved to hear the way he struggles to get it by.

Traveling makes you smarterWhen you travel, he or she is completely responsible for everything from start to finish. This improves your sense of self-sufficiency and responsibility which is excellent for personal growth.

I am sure that living away for your daily routine and experiencing new things makes you feel smarter.

2. Connect to  the Network

Once I was in Geneva, I happened to meet a guy wearing a T-shirt with a unique badge. I was eager to know what it indicates. So I smiled at him as I know there was no better icebreaker than a warm smile.

I opened up a conversation:

‘’Hey man! Nice shirt!

“What’s this badge indicates?”

He said that he was a backpacker and the badge indicated the travel group he belonged to. Then he suggested some good places, restaurants to go in Geneva.  

After about 10 minutes of conversation, I wished him well and went back to my stuff.

Later, he referred me in that travel group and that really gave me a break in my travel diary. How amazing is that?

Finally, I learned that there was a huge difference between social media friends and real friends.

3. Unleash your Creativity

When you pass through a certain routine like going to the office and working full time, your ability to think differently gets blocked.

Unleash your CreativityInstead, when you share your thoughts, ambitions, ideas, views, and beliefs with others and vice versa, it will increase your creativity level.

New sights, sounds, tastes, and experiences refresh your mind and revitalize your brain. I am sure this is a key to creativity.

4. Traveling keeps you physically and mentally fit

Think how thrilled you get when you are planning a trip, destination fixing, packing your bags and telling your family and friends where you are going. All these things will positively affect your well being. It also strengthens your brain power and heart.

Those who go on trips are less likely to have physical health problems. You are out strolling through markets, lounging the beaches and climbing mountains which will definitely keep you active. Even if you are walking along a beach for a few evenings, you are doing something more than if you were watching TV or stuck in the office.

5. You become grateful

Just by getting out and exploring the world, there is a lot to be grateful for!

You are getting a wide experience that can be challenging, exciting, beautiful, unique and more. You will see ugly places, poor people starving for food, water, clothes, and house. Trust me, it really changes you.

I met a 5-year-old boy in Ethiopia, whose only toy was a torn slipper and he loved to play with it. It was then I remembered my niece who has a mountain of toys which she received as a token of love from people around.

So many worthy experiences made me grateful for the little things I take for granted every day.  

Travel as much as you can, as far as you can!

When you become old and look back, you will realize how much you have done in your life. It can fill you with happiness and satisfaction for the rest of your living.

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Olivia Mary Jones

Olivia Mary John is a wanderlust soul since 2011 when she jumped out of her office cubicle and decided to travel across the globe. For her, a journey is something more than merely seeing the sights. She travels to experience, learn and immerse herself in different cultures. Very much passionate about her trips, she loves to share her experience thus making your travel plans more accessible and enjoyable.

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