The Top 10 Cultural Experiences of the World
19 August, 2019

World’s Best Cultural Experiences – An Outlook

Destinations are unique with their vistas, culture, values as well as the perpetual blend of traditions and myths. Ranging from architecture to art, music to historical archives, some destinations proffer the awe-inspiring insights to the greatest achievements of anthropoid history. Among all these elements, the cultural attractions of a region and its significance would magnetize the travel buffs all around.

Let us have a glance on the world’s best cultural travel experiences of all times.

 1 ) Vatican

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The smallest city-state located in Rome, Italy is one among the holy places of Christendom that depicts an intense spiritual venture. The destination is known for its cultural places having unique architecture as well as the artistic masterpieces that lies within the boundaries of this small state. St. Peters Basilica, one among the Papal Basilicas at the center of the Vatican located at the St. Peter the Apostle and the Sistine Chapel, a chapel in the Apostolic Palace of the Pope are two of the world attractions located in the Vatican.

2  ) Ubud

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The town of Ubud, located at the uplands of Bali is noted for the best cultural activities in the world. The destination stays as a synonym for traditional craft and dance. The splendid landscapes include rainforests, terraced rice paddies enriched with Hindu temples as well as shrines. The cultural places include primitive holy sites of Goa Gajah and Gunung Kawi having the rock-cut shrines.

3 )  Bratislava


The capital town of Slovakia, sprawling in the banks of Danube River shares its border with Austria and Hungary. The destination is known for its vineyards, Little Carpathian Mountain ranges paving its meandering paths for hiking and cycling. The pedestrian-only Old town is also home for distinctive bars and cafes. Being the major cultural attraction of the region, the pristine Bratislava Castle gets more attention than anything in the Old Town and Danube River banks.

4 )  Cozumel

Cozumel tourism

This Mexican coastal land of cuisines surrounded by the teal-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea is also noted for the underwater adventure of scuba diving. You can find varied diving spots under the Mesoamerican reef at the Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park. The eco-park named Chankanaab is also popular for its underwater caves which are home for manatees, dolphins as well as sea turtles. Besides all these, the Cozumel’s menus are the popular Mexican classics including chiles, tamales, Rellenos, enchiladas, and guacamole. The cooking culture of this destination has some Carribean influences.

5  )  Edinburgh

The hilly capital city of Scotland is always embellished with the medieval old town, Georgian new town as well as the neoclassical buildings. Edinburgh Castle, the cultural landmark is also home for the crown jewels and the Stone of Scone used for the coronation of the rulers of the country.

6  ) Dharavi

It is a small local slum region located in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Being one among the largest slums in the world, the region sprawls over 2.1 square kilometers. It has a population strength of about 700,000 people having an enthusiastic small-scale industry that produces expert quality leather products, embroidered garments, plastic as well as pottery.

7  ) Abu Dhabi

The capital Emirate of the United Arab Emirates holds the strongest legacy of Islamic culture. The city is noted for it’s towering skyscrapers and shopping malls. Besides every architectural landmark, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque encompasses all the glory of contemporary as well as the ancient Islamic art.

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8 ) Paris

The capital city of France is undoubtedly well acclaimed for its fashion, art, culture, and gastronomy. Make your way to the Eiffel Tower, Gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral and take a walk through the Jewish Marais once you visit this dream destination.

9 )  Agra

The splendid city in the banks of Yamuna became the home for one among the seven wonders of the world. The magnificent allure of the Taj Mahal brings the travel buffs to explore the culture of this Indian city. Besides the Taj, the city stays significant with its pristine Mughal empire legacy having the fascinating tombs, mausoleums as well as market places.

10 )  Isle of Skye and Scottish Highlands

An alluring destination with rugged landscapes, medieval castles, and the delightful fishing villages! It stays as the largest and Northernmost island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Portree, the capital of the isle has boutiques and pubs to explore the nearby harbor.

The Scottish Highlands is the region vested upon the Northwest of Scotland. Explore the Loch Ness, the large freshwater loch and the city of Inverness, Western Highlands and the magical Glencoe Valley with its mesmerizing waterfall.

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