“Super six locations to spend your 2018 valentine’s day”


The world celebrates February as the month of Romance and as we all know, the most romantic day of the year ‘Valentine’s Day’, falls on February 14th. On this day, lovers prefer to exchange Chocolates, flowers and gifts with their loved ones.  But for the past few years, it is observed that, couples not only exchange gifts but also opt romantic getaways to adore their love and affection for each other. If you fall in the latter, then this article is for you…


We have listed the most romantic spots of the world where you can spend the Valentine’s Day with your loved one!


  1. Dubai | UAE


Dubai, the city of dreams is a perfect romantic getaway for couples who choose excitement and fun. Engaging in Dhow cruise romantic dinner, Burj Khalifa at the top, Hot air balloon ride, etc are some of the exciting activities that promise some exciting moments for you with your sweetheart……


(i) Dhow Cruise Romantic Dinner


Dhow cruise in Dubai Marina promises an unparalleled opportunity for relishing an international buffet dinner with your beloved one. Entertaining performance combining with enchanting music plus dance add more charm to the romantic dining experience…all these will rekindle your love life.


(ii) Burj Khalifa ‘At The Top’


An uninterrupted view of Dubai from 124th floor of Burj Khalifa is really stunning. This view provides most memorable moments with your loved day and a dinner at At.Mosphere restaurant 122 flowers will be a huge surprise for your beloved.


(iii) Hot Air Balloon Ride


Desert is an ideal destination for Valentine’s Day celebration if you love adventure. You can surprise your sweetheart with an exciting hot air balloon by flying over the desert with awe-inspiring view of serene sandy landscape.


Likewise spending an evening with your dear one underneath the night stars, feeling the magic of the desert will steal the heart of you on this day of love.




  1. Paris | France

Nothing beats taking your special someone to the ‘city of love’ for this Valentine’s Day. There is a wide array of romantic things to partake such as:


(i) Eiffel tower – At The Top


Enjoying the time at Eiffel tower, the most romantic spot in the earth, is foremost in many couple’s wish list. To feel the magical beauty of Paris city, Climb up to the second level of the tower and feel the charm of this place with your lover.


(ii) Seine River Cruise


Cruising along Seine River will be memorable for you as you get to enjoy some stunning views of the city with your sweetheart. You can click awesome selfies on the backdrop of Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Notre-Dame Cathedral and more. To amplify the happiness of the day, you can even book a cruise dinner.


(iii) City sightseeing


Paris is a city that has endless options to indulge in a relaxing getaway. It will be very relaxing to go for a stroll arm-in-arm with your beloved one through the wonderful places of Place des Vosges, Canal St. Martin, Vladuc des Arts, Public Parks, and Gardens of this city.


  1. Maldives


This destination is an exceptional option for celebrating this most special day. For a solitude love experience, escape with your valentine to Maldives, better known as paradise on earth. Walk along its white sandy beaches, feel the cool breeze as you get mesmerized with the sceneries of vast sea ahead you, indulge in a variety of funny thrills like swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, diving etc….all will blow you away.


  1. Thailand


Fine sands, scenic seas, picturesque resorts…Thailand have all the elements that will multiply the happiness of this day. Whatever your likes, they has many unique things to offer you…


(i) Speedboat Cruise

Enjoy cruising in a traditional long tailed speedboat along the river and through the winding canals and explore the city’s iconic landmarks including the famous floating markets of Damneoen Saduak.


(ii) Taste Thai Cuisine at Vertigo Rooftop


Having a unique dining experience on a roof terrace of Vertigo overlooking the towering skyscrapers of the Bangkok city, incredible it will be!. Even though there are there are lots of rooftop bars are in the city, Vertigo has its own importance among them. The panoramic view and relaxing atmosphere of the hotel is incredible.


  1. Italy


Brimming with a bevy of options, one of the most enjoyable places to have your valentine’s day is Italy. Couples can enjoy their love for one another with many attractions of the country;


(i) Venice Visit


The city doesn’t need any introduction as a place of natural romance and beauty. With winding canals, gondola rides on the waterway and narrow streets, picturesque squares, you will be enjoying charm of the area in all aspects.


(ii) Verona Visit


Verona, the city that witnessed the tragic play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is one of the most popular towns in the country to go on Valentine’s Day. You can visit Juliet’s house and can even touch the bronze statue of her to bring luck on your love life. Spending this love day is also a good chance to savor some special menus for couples where wine has a special place.


  1. Amsterdam | Netherlands

With its canals, streets and boutiques, Amsterdam is a dreamy destination for couples either for indoor or outdoor activities.


You and your significant other can enjoy canal cruise and experience Amsterdam from waters. This journey will take you through merchant houses, beautiful gables, churches and many more highlights. In addition you can have a delightful Amsterdam’s culinary experience as well. Other attractions  of this place are theater play at Vondelpark’s open air theatre, dining at ‘Heaven’ restaurant, visiting the flower market, seeing Amsterdam by horse and carriage to name a few.


All these destinations manage the best to make your day significant with your loved one. So get ready to shower loads of love and happiness to your better half in this romantic occasion….wishing you a very happy and romantic Valentine’s Day!







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