Best Romantic Places To Propose To Your Loved One
15 July, 2019

Exceptional Places To Propose To Your Loved One

The moment is locked, the stage is set, the lines are memorized properly, the ring is bought and the time has finally arrived to pop up the big question “will you marry me?”, and the stress level just shoots up as the few seconds pass by until she gets back to her senses from the shock I just gave. Such moments make the gallery of life a gorgeous rainbow.

These life-changing situations should take place in a location where it can complement your plot and is highly unique. It should sprinkle the love you have in your eyes through the whole setting around you both. It’s obviously very confusing to choose the best destinations to propose and if you have a mentor to help you in this, then it’s surely going to ease your job.

But what’s so exciting in proposing in a commonplace? Such as the Eiffel Tower. Yes, it’s a very romantic background and surely can lure the girl to accept the proposal if she loves the guy immensely but being a cliché location for proposals, you can’t just get the best out of the place. Which is why we are here to recommend you some of the best, unique locations for such memorable situations.

Northern Lights:


Way after days of deciding to propose, you might have thoughts of popping the big question in the first place you both once met or to hide it in the champagne or so on. But what if the sky gives you a picture perfect setting? Spectate the Northern Lights showcasing the “Aurora Belt” and watch the teal green beams of light dancing in the sky. Its surely going to evoke the sleeping romantic flakes in the couple.

Northern lightsYou cannot witness this phenomenon throughout the year but visiting during the months of September to March in Tromsø can surely lead the couple to dive in love. Being in this place doesn’t limit you to spend your time watching the Northern lights but you can also try out sailing through the Norwegian Fjords, watch whales in their natural habitats, feed reindeers and many more. These could give you a complete package of happy moments.

Dubai Desert:


Proposing in the midst of the desert, where the teal blue sky meets the sleeping brown blanket is a real romantic setting architected by nature. Carrying your infinite love like the innumerable fine grains of the shape-shifting dunes signifies your affection for each other. And thus the Dubai desert turns into the impeccable combination of ‘the perfect moment with the perfect ambience’.

romantic desert safari

Dubai desert also houses various activities like adventurous dune bashing, sand boarding, falcon experience, henna painting, trying out the traditional attire, tanoura, belly dance and appetite full of love.

Black Sand Beach, Greece:


When the sun is down for a nap and the sand cools down, the magical feeling arises when the breezy waves hit the coastline. This one is by far the best destination to propose, where there is less crowd and is quiet with a simple and cozy environment.

Black Sand Beach, GreeceThe black sand beach is made up of volcanic sand and pebbles, turning this destination into a spectacular place in Santorini.  The recipe of black sand and the blue sea gives a perfect mixture to complement your situation. If you are looking for a luxurious setting like a private helicopter tour around Santorini and getting down to the destination or if you need a simple frame with warm flowers and candlelight dinner, this can truly elucidate the magic.

Times Square, New York


Have you ever imagined proposing to your ‘one and only’ in a busy street where different people pass by with different purposes and you just arrive for your grand moment. I am talking about the major commercial intersection – The Times Square, New York, which is a tourist destination and an entertainment hub.

Times Square, New YorkEven though you are in a fussy space when you kneel down, it would definitely feel like the whole world is moving in a snail pace and only you both are moving according to the world’s pace. In short, the surroundings would just get blurred for your special moment.

Now that we have covered different themes, let’s get submerged in the water like how your heart is immersed in love.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo:


Let’s add some craziness to this; why don’t you propose in the hub of the ultimate predator – the shark. Dive in the 10-million liter tank composed of 300 razor sharp-toothed sharks for your whooping moment facing the thrill of the lifetime; proposing.  If your partner has the spirit of escapade, then this is going to add fuel to your state.

Dubai Aquarium

Making one feel being loved, cared and is the entire world for him or her is one such stance that gives meaning to life and it need not be so perfect, but the sense should be directed perfectly. Let whatever your outdoor proposal idea be, this blog would surely help with the perfect location idea for you.

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best destinations to propose your girls

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