Toast to 2019 - 9 Best Places To Visit During New Year
15 July, 2019

Toast to 2019 – 9 Best Places To Visit During New Year

New Year is almost here and the final countdown is knocking on your doors today!

Keep calm, its okay to never know what to do or where to go! We hear you! That’s how we come into play to help you out.

Trust the magic of new beginnings as the New Year 2019 is getting close, people are setting up new resolutions, long-awaited midnight kisses, and a perfect night with family and friends is counted on. So why not try other than old-school fun and plan places to visit at New Year.

Don’t you wish to end 2018 with a grand feast that it deserves? Just give it a thought. What is yet to be pictured or experienced? Can there be a better plan to end the last month of the year as you explore some amazing new places? So where should you be this time of the year at midnight on New Year’s Eve when the clock tongs on the 31st night? Is it Paris? London? Or Dubai?

Let’s end 2018 in style and just know that you cannot get a view from the couch, you have to explore as the world awaits. Drink more wine and travel often somehow you will find yourself making merry.

Here are the 9 Best Places To Visit During New Year 2019

Here is what you need to experience and live to pamper the traveler in you for a thrilling best New Year vacation. Don’t believe us? Just scroll down for best New Year vacation spots to celebrate around the world as your year ends with a bang and start a new year on a happy note.

Asiatic feels at Bangkok

Asia’s best place to celebrate New Year in Bangkok – is the city of culture and tradition but also often tops up in the list of best nightlife cities in Aisa. This place can be best to celebrate with people surrounded by every corner of the street if you like the hustling of people and a little bit of noise.

bangkok new year 2019

The city is known for the best shows to be put up at the night of New Year ‘s Eve. There are excellent options like rooftop fun and having meals with champagne, watching fireworks with family, or kicking the cub with your gang. The best countdown spot has become the night market – Asiatique.

For those who like to dance the night away, the clubs bring in international DJs who spin records till the early hours of the morning. Even if you are traveling with family, friends or by yourself there is an event to suit everyone.

Extravagant Dubai Eve

Let’s paint the town red with its extreme adventure, nightlife, food, and culture. Ring in the bells of new year celebration in the city of Dubai. Gigantic buildings, mesmerizing fireworks, clubs, and as overall a perfect movie to be showcased, that excites the travelers.

dubai new year 2019

What is coming is better than what is gone, also you need to live up the present, that’s how Dubai makes you live twice of your happiness with its wonders. Can you think of any place better than Dubai? Well, we would want you to sweep down the lane of admiration and style to grandeur the celebration under the tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa.

Rio de Janeiro

We’re glad you are just arriving soon – New Year 2019!

New Year's Eve at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro

Cheers to a brilliant year that was well spent, but it’s time for us to roll out the red carpet for 2019 as you plan a trip to Rio De Janeiro for a magical getaway. Brazil is all about Carnivals, but the most famous party celebrated is the New Year’s Eve with one big beach party.

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Here the celebration is marked with a tradition of wearing something white and tossing up flowers into the sea with millions of flock; relishing the moment. Never miss the ocean front stages where rocking live musical and dance performances take place amid a colorful fireworks display at midnight.

Dab in the style of New York City

new york new year celebrations

Where can be a better place than New York to ring in New Year in the city that never sleeps!

We understand its just not easy for you to be around the globe at the same time but that isn’t a problem now, even if you aren’t there in person, there’s a perfect chance for you to watch the famous ball drop on your television (the tradition of dropping the ball has played its role since 1907 till today but except during the World War II). To get into more specifics with entertainments, there are light shows, celebrity music acts, and a fall of confetti balls — you can spot all of these by yourself on your TV screens.

Las Vegas

You will never know until you travel, and Las Vegas has already got the vibe of everything and anything, so wait until New Year’s Eve to feel it. The street of Vegas is brisked with hundreds of thousands of people enjoying and all snarled up.

las vegas 2019 new year celebrations

Fireworks make the sky shine with a shimmer of lights from every angle as it brightens the city. A hop and a jump away from every hotel in Vegas host the show of fireworks where you can see more than 80,000 altogether in the sky bursting the magic of light and smoke.

Also for all the party animals in the house, the club on New Year’ Eve should be more of your thing with plenty of options as you swing in the moves.

Talk Tokyo

Tokyo, a fantastic place to visit this New Year 2019. A teensy-weensy thing to keep in mind is that some places will be closed as the city has some cultural New Year celebrations unlike the western countries like London and US – a nightlife.

tokyo new year 2019

Traveling to Japan during the end of this week can certainly be exciting with a slight inconvenience celebrating it in a grand thought, still the fun of welcoming a New Year is very different and interesting. It’s because Japanese do New Year’s Eve a little bit differently, like after feasting, the localities perform a Joya-Ntheane (a sacred bell ringing).

Some travelers avoid visiting during this time but we can assure you that even after the knack of late night parties, Tokyo’s luxurious hotels serve the best and special dinner meals on New Year’s Eve. Just make sure you don’t want to miss this year.

Sail into Egyptian Paradise this 2019

egypt new year celebrations 2019

Find a place where you can get lost and never regret. You might want to give a thought on spending your New Year’s vacation somewhere far and beautiful, let us suggest; Egypt – A colorful country with vibrant people. It has some very ancient and fantastic sculptures but also ensures you to have a memorable festive feel when in Egypt.

There are fireworks in the sky, organized activities for a fun moment to be captured and special events at night for entertainments laid for tourists during the eve of New Year.

A wacky pack Goa

The Goa version is still the best in India. When we say party, we say Goa. This place has the cheapest beers and some exotic beaches set aside on the midnights with a wonderful live piece of music and long drunk nights that attract the younger crowd to rock in the New Year celebrations.

goa happy new year celebrations

Goa is manifested for beachside parties on New Year eves with firecrackers lighting up the sky. We can help you create a beautiful memory lane as you welcome 2019 with a bang. Some new recommendations for a night when in Goa; try the Night Club at SinQ, Timeout 72 Hours at Hill Top: Vagator, Holiday Inn Resort New Year bash, a secret Island party and more… Goa indeed is one of the best New Year destinations in India.

Mumbai Meri Jaan (Mumbai is my life)  

The city of dreams has merely ever slept, Mumbai is totally a place for party animals. Mumbaikars are what the people call themselves and have great pride in what they do and speak. Youngsters at the top celebrate New Year with full enthusiasm and zeal, be it a house party or clubbing or at the beach, Mumbaikars rock it anywhere.

india 2019 new year celebrations

You can have a glimpse of Bollywood celebrities from the film industry and gear up for a party with the most mesmerizing lounges in town. You must experience some best of party spots like, Lotus Cafe – JW Marriott, New Year’s Eve Party at Stax – Hyatt Regency, Amnesia at LIV, Hot Freeze at The Westin, The VVIP Experience. The best place to be with your friends and family on the eve of New Year is Marine Drive.

Okay! So we are good to go now.

Explore some of the places from the list and book your trip for your New Year’s Eve. Also, share us below your experience of a memorable New Year vacation.

Hurry up. The holiday season is almost upon us and the destinations are waiting for you.

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