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15 July, 2019

9 Places You Shouldn’t Miss Out On Your Egypt Trip

The tombs, Pharaohs and Pyramids would flash in front of me, whenever I hear the term, “Egypt”. I used to believe Egypt is all about “Pyramids and Pharaohs because that is what I have heard and learned.  For many of us, Egypt is an amazing historic treasure. This perspicacity of mine has changed after my first trip to this country as part of Egypt group tours. Today, I love to quote William Blake’s “Land of Dream” to describe this stunning destination. Yes! Egypt has got many more things that we have known or believe. Here is a detailed ‘to-do-list in Egypt’, the things, activities and places that have changed my perception about Egypt!

Pyramids of Giza

Pyramid of Giza

This last surviving seven wonders of the ancient world is a must visit.  When I visited these best pyramids in Egypt, I felt the stories I heard about it were facts with a soul! These megalithic monuments are a wondrous sight, and anyone who visits the Giza pyramid complex will speculate as how they withstand the test of time!

Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple Sphinx

I would say this is an open air museum! Located on the banks of Nile River this temple is twice larger than the village. This is not just the largest religious site in the world but is an overwhelming architectural wonder too! For sure; places in ancient Egypt could take the limelight of many marvels of the modern world.

Islamic Cairo

Islamic Cairo

Cairo helped me to know more about the history and culture of Egypt. The mosques, Islamic schools of learning, and memorials will speak a lot about this place.  It was an awe-inspiring experience to take a stroll through the labyrinth souk of Khan el-Khalili and to see the tiny workshops of coppersmiths, artisans etc… Adjoining the market is a mix-up of roads, and when I decided to take a walk, I never knew that beautiful buildings of the old Islamic kingdom will welcome me!I also made a visit to Al-Azhar Mosque, Sultan Hassan Mosque, and didn’t miss my chance to go up to the roof of the early medieval entrance of Bab Zuweila. Islamic Cairo tours were the best choice I made as I could see the beautiful panorama of the district from the minaret.


River Nile in Aswan

Without a second thought, I would say Egypt’s most serene town is Aswan. Located on the zigzag curves of Nile and decorated by the orange coloured sandbanks this is a wonderful stop to wind down for a few days and be soaked in the serene ambience. I took the ferry to Elephantine Island and enjoyed a walk through the vibrant boulevards of the Nubian villages. The real fun was riding a camel to the desert abbey of St. Simeon. Then I got into the river restaurant and loved sipping tea viewing the river flowing evenly..!

Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum Front View

This pale coloured pink domicile has got one of the world’s amazing museum collections. As I went upstairs I was stunned to see the mesmerizing royal mummies, displayed. Every corner of this museum has got some exceptional artwork of statuary from an ancient era.

White Desert

White Desert

When I decided to visit the desert, I never know a natural wonder is waiting to quench my dare-devil spirit. When the desert with Chalk Mountains greeted me, I thought I reached snow-white’s castle. This extravagant natural backdrop is a pleasant surprise for anyone who loves to be immersed in the glory of Mother Nature!

Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis

I spent an entire day at Siva which is surrounded by date farm and freshwater springs. This pleasing oasis is known for the mud-brick fortresses that take over the view of the town. I felt that this is a site where you can unwind your worries and stress and relax for a few days.



This seaside city has an appeal that can’t be taken over. Established by Alexander the Great and abode of Cleopatra this spectacular city is apt for shopping. Apart from shopping what I loved here is the seashore cornice and café’s where I spent most of my evening time.

South Sinai

South Sinai

The Sinai Peninsula and Dahab are known for beach fun. Though the first time, I had a great time enjoying water sports like scuba diving. I heard that there are European style resorts for those who seek luxury and Dahab area is apt for budget travellers but I preferred to stay in Nuweiba town which is known for bamboo huts and my soul triumph in peace and joy.

Today, I would say to my friends, Egypt is not merely a destination of Pyramids and Temples. This dazzling place has got many more things to see and feel. A visit to this country means you are getting a chance to be a part of diverse kind of activities like culture trip, water sports, adventure, and above all relaxation!

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