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15 July, 2019

Best Religious Tourist Destinations in the World

We travel for pleasure, we travel for adventures and we travel to explore new horizons of life. It is our urge to explore and to see things around that makes the travel and tourism industry vibrant. The traditional, as well as cultural norms of a destination, hold treasures and the passionate travelers always go behind such unique regions.

Religious values of a destination sometimes fascinate the travel buffs. Religious tourism is a kind of faith tourism where people travel in groups or alone for pilgrimage, missionary as well as for leisurely recreations. Around 4200 religions have been found across the world apparently. The worldly acclaimed religions have been a significant part of grooming religious tourist destinations.

The top religious places in the world attract not only believers but also the ones who are seeking new knowledge. Religious places in the world became people’s favorite with its unique architecture, customs, values and cultural values which it propagates.

Let’s have a glance at some of the most visited religious tourism destinations of all times;


LumbiniLumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha is the place of pilgrimage for Buddhists across the world. Every religion in the world recognizes the spirituality of traveling. Located at the Rupandehi district of Province No.5 in Nepal, it is one of the world’s most prominent spiritual locations which are also home for the historic birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama.

You can take a walk around the Lumbini garden and behold the sandstone carving which depicts the birth of Buddha. The garden encompasses three zones and each of them covers a square mile connected with incredible walkways and a canal. Visit the Panditarama Vipassana Center for yoga and meditation and you can also interact with the Buddhist monks who reside there. Do not miss out this Buddhist pilgrimage in Nepal if you are longing to explore more exotic places in South Asia.

Vatican City



The Holy See of Rome is home for a unique collection of artistic and architectural craftsmanship. St. Peter’s Basilica being a major attraction, remains rich with its double colonnade and circular piazza. Built upon the tomb of St. Peter, this holiest Catholic shrine attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists throughout the year. The Basilica is surrounded by palaces and gardens.

Don’t miss out other attractions including Sistine Chapel, Vatican Gardens and the Vatican Museums once you make your visit to Rome.




Located at Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, Wittenberg is significant as it is the birthplace of the protestant reformation. Experience the historic city center of Wittenberg with its Schlosskirche was also known as All Saints’ Church and the prominent door where Martin Luther has nailed his 95 theses. You can stroll around the streets; no matter if it is a group tour or a solo trip. Wittenberg is always rich in its pristine sights.

Feel free to explore the neighboring destinations including Bauhaus, Dessau, Wörlitz Garden, Ferropolis – The City of Iron, Eisleben, and Mansfeld.



The journey to Mecca is only meant for believers as Non-Muslims are not allowed inside this holy place of Islam. Millions of Muslims embark on a journey to Mecca which is also popular as Hajj. The pilgrimage is intended to build integrity among the followers of Islam. The place has got its significance as Prophet Muhammed was born here and he propagated Islam from this Holy Land. It is the place where the Muslims received the first revelation of the Holy Quran.




The picturesque panorama of Badrinath town is where divinity holds hand with the serenity of nature. Situated within the Himalayas, Badrinath is a sacred place of Lord Vishnu. The major attraction of the town is the Badrinath temple which was built by the Garhwal Kings in the 9th Century. The temple considered to be of Vedic origin is situated in the Garhwal Hills on the banks of Alaknanda River at an elevation of above 3133 meters. It is the land of snowy mountain peaks and incredible landscapes which attained wider popularity with its religious

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