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15 July, 2019

Best Travel Gift Ideas for Globetrotters

We all have a wanderlust buddy who is always on the go. If an occasion comes in your life to get something special for them, then you may be racking your brain about what gifts you can buy. As most travelers prefer to pack light, you should be careful in choosing items that can save space. 

Based on my experience of traveling around the world, here are some of the best travel gift ideas for travelers and they will be excited to receive one.


BackpackYou might have experienced a similar kind of situation like your bag is heavy or ran out of space. So a backpack is essential for any kind of travel (business, leisure family or adventure) to keep everything organized. 

I always go for Osprey gear as it is very much comfortable and is able to fit so much stuff inside. It has separate space for laptop, clothes, shoes and likewise accessories. 

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For frequent city or air travel, a rolling suitcase is a great option. If your friend wants to stay more organized, packing cubes will definitely please her or him.

I use a medium sized cube for my garments to keep it wrinkle-free and small cubes for toiletries.

Filtered water bottle

Filtered water bottleI love this thing! 

The Lifestraw filtered water bottle makes it easy to drink water safely and be away from sickness. It removes 99.99 percent of waterborne bacteria in places where water is not safe to drink. It can filter up to 1000 liters of water. 

A collapsible bottle is another choice as it takes less space when empty than hard bottles. 

Your globetrotter friend will surely appreciate these as a gift. 


CameraMy best companion while traveling! If your friend is a passionate photographer, a camera makes an extraordinary travel-related gift. 

In fact, it is the only method to cherish those special moments and also to share it with others. 

In my opinion, GoPro is the ultimate backpacker’s camera. Travelers like me love it due to its wearability, waterproof capacity, manual settings, video stabilization, zoom range, and touch screen. 

Sony A6500, Nikon D3400, Canon Rebel T6 are other great options to buy.

In addition to these, gifting Camera Tripod, Camera Clip, Camera lens pen can definitely put a smile on recipients face. 

Power bank

Help your favorite traveler from running low on power when he needs it the most. For travelers, it is an extra headache to maintain power in smartphones and other portable gadgets. 

I use the power core 10,000mAh to charge my camera, smartphone, tablets, kindle and more. 


HeadphonesBuy this as a gift for your crazy traveler friend. Yes, you are gifting them the opportunity to escape from the boredom with their favorite tunes. No matter where you are – mountains, beach, plane, train – this will quench your thirst to listen to music. 

Sony WH1000XM3 Headphones is a good pick. Their noise-canceling technology, compelling design, portability and affordability assures amazing audio connection. 

Beats wireless headphones are also the best choice. 

Protective gear clothing

gear clothingIf you know of any backpackers, adrenaline junkies, outdoor explorers, campers, then one practical idea is to gift them protective gear clothing. 

Jacket, blazers, gloves, compression socks, head & face covers, hat, travel towel, goggles, and the list goes on

Toiletry kit

Toiletry kitThis will make a great travel essentials gift of course. It can help you pack lots of stuff safe and spill-free. Veneto Leather Toiletry kit is a nice choice. It is durable and waterproof and has spacious storage compartments. 

This always helps me in organizing my sunscreen, body lotion, antibacterial lotion, body spray, perfume, shampoo, conditioner and so on.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle PaperwhiteEvery bookworm needs this. I love this very much as it helped me a lot in the last Mexican trip. Small size and long battery life are the added advantages. It is perfect for a flight and a long bus journey.

Which of these travel gifts do you think your traveler friend will like the best? Let us know.


Olivia Mary Jones

Olivia Mary John is a wanderlust soul since 2011 when she jumped out of her office cubicle and decided to travel across the globe. For her, a journey is something more than merely seeing the sights. She travels to experience, learn and immerse herself in different cultures. Very much passionate about her trips, she loves to share her experience thus making your travel plans more accessible and enjoyable.

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