7 Movie Scenes that Inspire You to Travel Around the World
19 July, 2019

7 Movie Scenes That Will Urge You to Travel

Have you ever seen movie scenes where you were more moved by the background scenery than the actors or the emotions? Have you ever searched for the location of a movie immediately after watching it? We all have those remarkable places in our bucket list which got stuck in our mind while watching a movie. It could be the beauty of the place itself or even the ‘emotional connect’ that we have with that movie or character. Here is a short list of travel movies with some splendid travel scenes for you to binge-watch during your holidays.

1.The Holiday

Two women, who are very successful in their professional lives, face some setbacks in their personal lives. When their respective relationships run into some major roadblocks, the women decide to hit the road and take a break. They both search for the farthest place on the internet and stumble across each other. As they both are yearning for the same things in life, which is to get away from their usual setting and men, Amanda and Iris decide to swap their homes for 2 weeks.

Amanda leaves her plush home in Los Angeles to live in Iris’ quaint cottage in a hamlet near London. Iris is awestruck by the posh city of Los Angeles and the extravagant house of Amanda. Both women are pleasantly overwhelmed by each other’s home, neighborhood, people around and so are the audience. The movie inspires the viewers to take such impulsive travel decisions and to seek the adventure of life.

2. Twilight

You might raise your eyebrows seeing this entry, what travel inspiration does a teenage vampire flick has to offer? Let me make my case; even though the movie is nowhere related to travel, its locations will evoke travel love in you. The movie is set in soppy Forks, Washington albeit many iconic scenes were filmed in Portland, Oregon.

The protagonist, Bella who loves summer and sunshine, travels from sunny Phoenix to rainy Forks to live with her father. She is dazed by the sudden change; the gloomy and damp setting of Forks resonates with her misery of having to separate from her mother and her discomfort in getting along with her estranged father. The place gradually grows on Bella and the viewer. The incessant spells of rain and the moss green surroundings of Forks will make you long for a downpour and a trip to a swampy place.

3. Perfume: Story of a Murderer

The title of this movie might give away the appalling plot and the evil character of the protagonist. But if you give this a try, you are in for some stunning visuals and a gripping storyline. Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is a notorious murderer with a superior sense of smell. He develops a superhuman ability to identify fragrances and create exquisite perfumes.

In pursuit of that divine smell, he travels to places and kills beautiful women he meets on the way. He ends his journey in Grasse, France which is considered as the perfume capital of the world. The charming French town, the visuals of tiled -roof houses and quaint alleyways are alluring. But the most arresting visuals of the movie are the footage of lavender fields. The sprawling lavender feels and the dance of lavender twigs to the breeze is a treat to the eyes. You will definitely browse for tour packages heading to Grasse after finishing this movie.

4. Midnight in Paris

This movie is an ode to the city of romance. Even mediocre videos of Paris can urge you to visit the city, so how about a full movie featuring spectacular visuals of Paris. Gil Pender, the protagonist, is vacationing in France with his fiancé. Being a writer, Gil is looking for inspiration, while exploring the gorgeous city. As he continues the pursuit for inspiration, Gil bumps into an adventurous ride which takes him to the past. Gil travels between past and present of Paris, meeting artists that he idolizes and getting inspiration from them. The movie thus takes us to the picturesque present of Paris and its ravishing past.

5. Before Sunset

Jesse and Celine, who are heading to different destinations and different destinies, meet during a train journey and they decide to explore the city of Vienna together. The premise of the movie itself sounds arresting and so are the visuals of it. Jesse and Celine, who begin their expedition on a whim, develop feelings for each other in the backdrop of romantic Vienna. The captivating scenery of Vienna and its vintage charm engross the viewer and urge us to undertake some travel adventures in life.

6. Lord of the Rings

There is no point in admiring stunning sceneries and beautiful places that we see in fantasy movies. The issue with fantasy movies is that most of these visuals would be computer-generated imagery (CGI) and it can only exist on our TV screens. But that is not the case of Lord of the Rings. This Peter Jackson directorial is packed with appealing visuals and most of it is shot in real locations.

For instance, the opening scene of this movie is so magical that it looks too good to be true. The mesmerizing shire, its flower-laden grasslands, thick canopy, and simple lives of the people will melt the viewer’s heart. You can still see the set of Lord of the rings and the famed shire in Matamata, New Zealand. Even though the movie does not fall into the ‘backpacking movies’ category, it can still inspire you to pack your bags and visit the highland of New Zealand.

7. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

When it comes to capturing European cities, Woody Allen is a maestro of it. The movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona follows two women, Vicky and Cristina, who are traveling to Spain to enjoy a short vacation. The graceful cities of Barcelona and Oviedo and their lovely residents are perfectly captured through the eyes of Vicky and Cristina. It will be difficult to pick a scene as this movie is 1.37 hour of travel inspiration.

Unlike travel videos that sell a place to us, ‘travel movie scenes’ inadvertently inspire us to travel. When you see a beautiful place in a movie, it is presented with emotions. It could be lovers parting their ways, friends uniting or any such emotion going on in the foreground of a charming setting. Therefore such movie scenes can make more impact than high-end travel videos.

Watch these backpacking movies, get inspired and start traveling.

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