Biopic Movies That Add Fuel To Your Travel Love

The whole world around you is a virtual reality until you move out of your house and discover places. Travel to breathe in screenshots of places, travel to feel alive, travel to quest your limits, hear your heartbeat rising, see danger face to face and turn around cheating, or to escape from the real world. Let whatever your purpose be, travel always offers magic into the life of the seer and some real-life adventure travel movies evoke the sleeping wanderer in you.

Movies mostly act as a mirror to the real world and some of the best travel adventure movies act as a luring factor to take up the pursuit. In this busy running world, for once a while it arouses us to “pause” “breath” and “live”. It not only helps one to find the meaning of life but also acts like a nutcracker of self-realization. And such must watch wanderlust movies are:

Into The Wild

The real-life adaptation movie of Christopher McCandless is a bible to travel lovers. The 2007 movie directed by Sean Penn arouses goosebumps and brings out the possibility of a new life. Once we are born into this world; our name, identity, religion, education, career and so on is given to you or you acquire with the passage of time. But what if we leave behind all that you have and don’t have to start fresh? Do we have the courage to do that and have no backup plans or plan B’s? Burn your money, cut the bank balance by donating all of it and start a journey in search of the impossible –unseen wildness. When many may hesitate that’s what Christopher McCandless did. During his travel to Alaska, he had many chances to stay back but he rejects all. Watch the movie trailer below and write down in the comment section on what’s your train of thoughts on the movie.


The first thought that ran through me when I heard about the movie ‘Jungle’ was that the plot would be similar to ‘Jurassic park or Mowgli’ and realizing that it is stared by Daniel Radcliffe, my thoughts were like what could this wizard guy do in a biopic movie directed by Greg McLean and written by Justin Monjo? Will he do justice to the story? But the trailer itself shattered all my assumptions and urged me to the movie, which left me in a hangover for several hours. Just watch the trailer yourself before you read anything further.

How hard is it to breathe?

It’s just the process of breathing in and exhaling out right? But the movie portraying the real life of Yossi Ghinsberg’s shows how difficult it is to breathe, eat and survive the ordeal to keep the brain working and the heart beating through the duress of his journey in the Amazon forest. What if we get stuck in an unknown wildness- alone with no food, no one to talk to, no clue on what to do or what will happen next… as nature has only one law- SURVIVAL.  The complete misery of surviving…


“The never-ending flapping wings bounded in a cage… the infinite line willing to evade… a journey to discover freedom within self…”

Tracks is a 2013 Australian drama film starring Mia Wasikowska and directed by John Curran urges to ‘leave everything behind’. Tracks is the real-life, gritty portrayal of a truly inspiring woman Robyn Davidson who trekked 1700 miles across the Australian outback  – from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean, with her four camels and a dog, Destiny, in the year of 1977.

When many people pull you back from taking up the adventure which you believe is your lifeline and when it actually works out, it’s that which brings- in meaning to life for some. To be the lone human soul wandering in between the teal blue sky and the brown husky desert is a real moment of ‘feeling beyond alive’. Robyn Davidson was famously known as the ‘camel lady’ is a true spur for women to take up solitary trips and achieve on what others think is impossible.

Movies about traveling the world not only screens the reflection of their real-life adventure but also encourages many who are longing to find answers.

Let’s travel….

Let’s travel as far as we can go and get lost in the place…the journey itself is a fantastic state and the people you go with is a blessing. Lets not just travel for the place but also with the eagerness to meet different people at different places, which also bring in so many ingredients to our lives.

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