Bizarre Ferrari Gifts For Every Ferrari Fan
19 August, 2019

Bizarre Ferrari Gifts For Every Ferrari Fan

You might go bonkers! Having said that, an expensive car is worth purchasing and honestly, millennials are insanely crazy especially for those flashy red cars with a prancing horse on a yellow shield – you guessed it right, FERRARI!! Focusing on the strikes of our past doings, wheels, and speed meant for boys only where girls would be left out of place each time the masculine concept duped. But here’s a flying start to the notoriously gender-sensitivity, men and women can now passionately be crazy for wheels.

As of now, Abu Dhabi’s most ostentatious amusement park – FERRARI WORLD, is on the top list of adventures to try in UAE. This indoor theme park has exotic rides but here’s the catch, if your heart pounds around the place for souvenirs – you’ve got your match. The reason why you have never-ending go-to original Ferrari items loaded in the store as a perfect travel gift for a Ferrari freak/lover/monster/fan, as everything is insanely impressive here.

It’s time we hit the road of surprises and pull off the string of treasures from the most benevolent and quaint Ferrari Store in the capital city of UAE – Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari Perfume

Ferrari Perfume

Is it casual to gift a perfume to a Ferrari fan? Yes, it’s like a gift from the goddesses! Ferrari is just another world-famous lifestyle brand like Puma, Jaguar, and Cerruti, presenting limited editions of aromatic, sweet and spicy perfumed fragrances. Those perfumes hanging on the shelves can make the wearer feel like they own a piece of merchandise from a well-known and exclusive brand.

Ferrari LEGO sets

Ferrari LEGO sets

Get your child to build the world’s greatest supercar and race with a spin, like those professional races. LEGO sets are the replica of iconic Ferrari ‘Scuderia’ race car suitable for girls and boys aged 10 + and for big kids of all ages, nearly there are a lot of adult Ferrari fans who purchase the very famous Scuderia LEGO kit.

FYI: To those receiving this gift (only adults), remember next time you ask for the keys.

Ferrari Watches

ferrari gifts

Watches should rank first on your lists of Ferrari gifts, always if not then the Ferrari monster within the person (gift receiver/someone special) will haunt you for eternity because Ferrari is an emotion. The Ferrari watches being expensive, everyone cannot afford but try to buckle up the thought of buying it as these are the chronograph watches (stopwatch + hours are sub-dialed with date) with textured silicone bands.

Ferrari Rollerballs and Ballpens

ferrari gifts

Exotic Ferrari collections are to cost an arm and a leg, but it’s worth spending! For example, a writing tool represents as a symbol of pride and confidence. So when a person whips out a high-quality fiber Ferrari-badged machine (pen) stating their name or signing a document makes people around them feel, this is how a person owns his standard.

Ferrari Mugs and Ferrari T-shirts

Ferrari Mugs

Have you been looking for perfect Ferrari merchandise? Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari Store comes in rescue. It is the only home to the original travel gift store of Ferrari. Displaying some original T-shirts and mugs for sale, let your friend or kid flash that Ferrari brand and make them believe they have conquered the demon of hell in peace with fashion.

Ferrari T-shirts

Ferrari World is a toll of lifestyle, and it comes with a great message

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

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ferrari gifts

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