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21 August, 2019

Blue Hole – The Most Famous Reef Wall

Read about the most popular Blue Hole Dahab diving scenes and start packing.

Being the most popular dive destinations in the world, people are attracted by the Red Sea for its fish and coral. Etched into the reef that is 8 km to the North of Dahab on the Eastern Sinai Peninsula, it is the most irresistible diving spot that gained popularity like wildfire. Blue Hole is a true marvel of sinkholes that drops down to a depth of around of 130m. Even the experienced divers may find it like their “First Time” due to its mysterious coral paths. Every day, divers from all over the world make the journey from Dahab by camel or by jeep; ambitiously exploring the coral lines, the underwater sinkhole known as the Blue Hole.

Blue Hole DahabBlue Hole snorkeling is a beaming signal for divers and adventurers from all over the world. The outer part of the hole is filled with rich marine life that makes you want to go deeper which makes Blue hole diving extremely special.

Professional divers mostly make use of a break in the reef which makes a pool like area, near to the shore. Then, the divers dive through a narrow pathway, closing at 27m on an overhang that discharges into the sea. Now, swim straight to the South along the reef and at approximately 7m, you can find the entrance to the Blue Hole. Divers have to routinely check their monitor to be aware of their depth and carefully swim so that they can safely finish swimming over the sinkhole leading to the shore.

Tourists diving in Blue HoleBut the site had taken several lives, mostly adventure junkies venturing while treading below the diving limit. The major trap for enthusiast divers is a curved passage like structure at precisely 65m, that connects the sinkhole to the vast ocean. The Arch is around 85-foot long and it is nearly impossible to enter due to several reasons including poor visibility to and intense currents that get hold of the diver’s legs. But with fish moving by in the silent waters and formation of the corals catching the eye, it’s certainly mind-calming and very pretty to watch.

blue hole snorkelingNewbie divers and amateur thrillseekers struggling to find this archway, have surrendered themselves to narcosis or missed the archway and lost every sense of movement or simply ran out of air. In the year 2017, these threats were brought again to commoners attention when a famous freediving safety diver Stephen Keenan, an Irish personal tragically died while attempting to rescue another freediver who had lost all control.

Apart from all the negativity and the stories and the curse tales, Blue Hole is one of a kind experience. So if you are keen on making a once in a lifetime memory which is an epic in all ways. By all means, go for it!

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