Life in the dead desert

Relaxing at the balcony with a mug full of hot coffee, particularly in Mumbai when it’s raining outside, raindrops landing on the rooftop and splashing each drop on the balcony. You cannot stop yourself when something pops in your mind within a fraction of seconds and easily drag you into memory and trip down to memory lane starts.

It’s about how I met my new friend who cannot even speak my language, but we got connected on the very first day at the Al Awir Desert in Dubai Camel safari. Oh, my friend is camel by the way.

camel safari

A whole new bunch of memories started from 10th Feb of this year at Dubai desert safari. All thanks to OceanAir Travels for an amazing adventurous camel ride. On the second day, my very first camel ride took place. Oh, I cannot explain my feelings in a word, but all the pictures did justice to my feelings because I was smiling like an idiot.

Tighten my shoe, grabbed my jacket, but the next moment I was already in the desert dreaming about my camel ride during all my way to it.

The moment we reached near the spot with all dreams on cloud 9, I was excited, nervous, scared like hell, and bouncing around my friend jack. No offense, but I saw a heavy healthy lady, trying her level best to climb on the poor camel with pity feelings in my eyes, I looked at Mr. Camel. Surprised, he looked back at me and felt like was trying to say “just pray for me”. Fun apart.

camel safari Dubai

Finally, the moment came for I have waited so long, Mr. Musafir came in front of me, and somehow he understood that trembling inside my head, but he greeted me with the cutest smile I had ever seen. Jack and I settled down on him. She grabbed me and I grabbed him without wasting a second he tried to get up and OH MY GOD that scary feeling inside me came out with a scream, but this time it was full of excitement full of life like I can feel each drop of my blood is running here and there and enjoying every second. First on knees, then on big long foot, everything seems like a roller coaster ride in an amusement park. Finally, my ride began with every step of him on slippery sand.

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During a sunset camel ride for 45 min, the wind somehow was managing to blow through my short hair with the feeling of liveliness was making us alive again. Looking around one side with a bunch of people, busy riding, clicking pictures, laughing, screaming and other side sun was about to set, spreading all his beauty in the sky and on the desert which was slowly turning into orange with black shade. The stars started to twinkle above us. I do not know did anyone noticed or not, but that elegantly walking animal taught us whatever happens you must walk through hell to get to heaven. He is life in the dead desert and memories were heaven for a lifetime. With every command, he obeyed his masters still he was the king of that desert. I got most lovable candy in my bucket and a friend for life. Best camel rides in Dubai. Oh! I am so waiting for my next camel ride.

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