4 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know about Dead Sea
21 August, 2019

Dead Sea, Jordan – Some interesting & Intriguing facts

Imagine how magical it is when nature captivates you with dramatic landscape and sceneries, and the Dead Sea in Jordan is one such place. Of course, our nature is filled with so many wonders but, the Dead Sea’s unparalleled specialties make it ‘stand out’ from the rest. It is not just impressiveness that alone makes this super-salty water body something special but the rejuvenating feel it offers to its visitors!

It is intriguing to hear the name… ‘Dead Sea’! However, it is called so for its hyper-salinity nature that doesn’t allow fishes, animals, and plants to grow in it…. quite justifying its name tag!

Sharing the border between Israel and Jordan, Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth. As it is highly saline (10 times saltier than seawater!) anyone can float in the water without sinking. It is much like lying in the sand…. a bead like a bumpy water body..! An experience that you won’t get anywhere else!

The waters of the Dead Sea is abundantly rich in around 21+ minerals (magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, chloride, and more) of which 12 of them are found nowhere in the world. This water body is best known for its medicinal powers that surprised doctors and other healthcare professionals. It can cure skin discomforts such as roughness & redness, wrinkles, hydration, and many other skin allergies. It is also used for the treatment of fractures, improving the functioning of glands and muscle spasms. Moreover, applying the mud from Dead sea over the body gives a very soothing effect too!

These are not all that the Dead Sea has to offer… some more things to add one’s vacationing thrills at the Dead Sea are as follows:

1. Masada


An epitome of Jewish heroism, Masada is an ancient fortress erected on the top of a mountain by King Herod. Today what we see is the reconstructed fort and this structure is listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites. Mural paintings and wonderful embossments on the walls of the building are well preserved here. Located high up in the mountain peak, one can reach here by a cable car ride with superb views of Dead Sea and Judean desert. Adventurers can ascend this place on foot by taking Snake Path (composed of gravel trails and stone steps). Best time to enjoy this place is before sunrise.

2. Dead Sea MuseumDead-Sea-Museum

Located in the lowest place on earth, Dead Sea Museum is dedicated to the cultural and natural history of the destination. Gallery of the museum has antiquities retrieved by a number of archaeologists from the Ghor-es-Safi region. Storyboards in the museum depict the diverse populations lived during the earlier times. Also, there are potteries, dating back to 4500 years, used in the biblical towns of Gomorrah and Sodom. In all, the museum gives ideal insight into ancient Arab, Jewish and Christian cultural communities.

3. Ein Gedi Nature Reserve


Brimming with dramatic sceneries, silvery waterfalls, and small water bodies, Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is truly a contrast to its barren surroundings. Spanning an area of around 1400 hectares, this natural site is home to a large variety of flora and fauna. In the pools; frogs, toads, and crabs can be found and the oasis houses black stars, wheatears, etc. Plenty of springs including fresh water suppliers – David spring, Shulamit Spring, Ein Arugot and most notable mineral water spring – Ein Gedi makes this place a paradise for visitors.

4. Pilgrims’ Hub

The Dead Sea region has significant religious importance that gives it a sacred spiritual dimension. Having strong biblical connections, this place is the living testimony to the roots of Christian faith. On the Jordanian side of Dead Sea, one can see ‘Pillar of salt’ (of Patriarch Lot’s wife). Besides, Mount Nebo in the eastern side, Qumran in the west, and Ein Gedi exhibit deep legends from ancient religious history. Saints, prophets, monks, and pilgrims used to stay here, thereby inspiring hundred thousands of people to visit the place.

Well, holidays in Jordan won’t be complete without a visit to this briny body. This place is literally a unique gift of nature and its charm should be felt in real, rather than from books. And, it’s no exaggeration to state the Dead Sea visit will be a once in a lifetime experience for all!

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