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19 July, 2019

Deira Island – Souvenir of Dubai’s craftsmanship

A famous world-class city that’s characterized by its artificially crafted structural masterpieces alone! Sounds strange but true. That’s the Gulf’s own jewel, Dubai. True to its global reputation, Dubai continues to unveil mind-blowing architectures every now and then. Deira Island is one such place to visit in Dubai – the island where the two words ‘amusement’ and ‘amazement’ are found in every nook and corner.

Closely resembling Dubai’s landmark attraction – the Palm Jumeirah – at first glance, Deira Island can be best described as an artificially created group of islands in the middle of the sea with unlimited entertainment. Wondering how an island could ever be created in an ocean? Well, then Deira is a destination where your imagination will fly. The island, sprawling over 15.8 square kilometers, is not less than manmade heaven. The palm-shaped land with the surrounding crescent is undoubtedly an excellent instance of architectural brilliance.

Aerial view of winding Dubai Creek with Deira skylineThis gorgeous island in the Persian Gulf is actually a group of four interconnected islands. Deira Island is one of the four interconnected islands which serve as the gateway to the largest manmade island. Facing the oldest district of Deira, the island is a residential, leisure and entertainment center.

Deira Island has its own star attractions, which will make the island the most important tourist destination. The Night Souk or the Night Market, which will be soon opened to the public, will offer countless entertainment venues to the visitors. The 2-kilometer long souk with more than 5000 shops and hundreds of seaside cafes and restaurants will be functional only at the night time. The night market promises a unique experience of the traditional Arabian Market with a modern twist.


Soon to open Deira Mall will be the next attraction of this gorgeous Island. The mall is spread on an area of 4.5 million square feet and it will be bigger than the Dubai Mall. The mall complex is supposed to have the main building, a boulevard and sixteen towers, making it the best entertainment zone of the island.

Deira islands in dubai seen from aboveThe island, which is part of the unique Coastal Project of Dubai, is speculated to be the largest among the three islands of the project. Development work is still going on at this magnificent island and after completion; the island will be considered as the best specimen of Dubai Attractions.

This grand waterfront project is now teaming with star hotels, food and beverage outlets, yacht clubs, water facing restaurants, marinas, broad walkways, etc. Once this project is fully-functional, the leisure and entertaining things to do in Dubai are all set to be taken to a whole new level!

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