Top Desert Safari Activities to Expect on an Excursion in Dubai
15 July, 2019

Top Desert Safari Activities to Explore in Dubai

Do you think Dubai can be a fuss? Is it possibly known for its architectural oddities around the globe? Also, are you still considering that the city of sand (before) is only about Skyscrapers and gigantic Roller Coasters now? In fact, at the very moment, you have a lot to grasp about this strangely deserted city of the United Arab Emirates. So let’s get closer! One of the core reasons for getting excited in the sweltering hot and humid conditions in the desert is that, it still could give you a balmy comfort of living the moment of surprises with an adventurous drive down the dunes.

Ponder and settle past the glitz of Dubai’s wonders and innovations solely as you muse around for thrill-seeking desert activities. This guide will take you through the process of finding the best Dubai Desert Safari Activities and help you whizz across the dunes for a memorable and intriguing desert adventure, even if you’re not into venturing the activities.

Forthwith, you need to try out one of these desert adventures that will quench your thirst for the thrill.

Dune Bashing Dubai

Dune Bashing

Remember, I mentioned about the Roller Coaster ride above? Wanna know how this relates? Off-road Dune Bashing is just like the Formula Rossa of Ferrari World and the only difference is that you skid, slide and slip all across your seat making your way through the golden sands in the desert.

This is one of the exquisite and adrenaline pumping activity that offers an invigorating desert safari on a 4×4 vehicle with space for a maximum 6 people. Explore the desert for around 35-45 minutes dune bashing in the ever-changing canvas of Red Dunes. Check our website to know more about the Dune Bashing Dubai tour packages with some exciting offers for this summer vacation.

 Dune Buggy Dubai

Dune buggy

Let’s drive past leaving the city of Dubai for an adventurous riding session on the latest two-seater off-road dune buggy in the Arabian desert; this one’s my favorite desert sports activity! The Dune Buggy ride gives an unforgettable action as you drive down the dunes. Are you still looking for an adrenaline-filled ride? Ready to go deeper? You begin with the instructions shared by the expert guide teaching you about the do’s and don’t’s of handling an off-road buggy ride. And it’s an experience no one should ever miss!

Note: Ensure safety first with all the necessary accessories.

Quad Biking Dubai

desert safari activities

Take charge of the mighty desert, endeavoring the next best desert adventure i.e Quad biking in Dubai. It is a new version of off-road exploration. It is the most popular one amongst the locals as well as the travelers visiting the city of Dubai. You need to take extra care by donning a crash helmet and gloves that the tour agencies provide. Get to watch the panoramic scenery of the desert while you Quad bike. But always remember safety comes first!

Note: Recommended session of the quad biking will take about 30-45 minutes or longer (optional).

Camel Riding Dubai  

Camel Riding Dubai

A camel ride in Dubai offers you an exhilarating experience yielding a breathtaking landscape as you hop on the camel enjoying the scenery. Both adults and children enjoy this activity alike.

Sandboarding Dubai


Free yourself from comfort zones and break a record by hopping onto the wooden board for an adventurous Sandboarding thrill. So when life’s getting complicated, go Skiing (Sandboarding) in Dubai. Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding as suggested by the name! It is completely safe and appropriate for all the ages. Also, there’s no better solo sport in the desert for Solo Travelers!

Instructions: Grab the wooden board without worrying about sand sliding, then strap the board onto your feet and let go of yourself skidding down the Red Dunes.

Hot Air Ballooning

desert safari activities

Craving for a thrilling adventure? Go Sky diving!! Are you caught up with Dubai heat? Go skiing Dubai Snow Park. Want to escape the city life? Go for early morning Hot Air Balloon expedition in the Dubai desert. Usually, Hot Air Balloon excursion in Dubai begins early in the morning during sunrise to be specific. The Ballooning takes you 4000 feet above the sand, witnessing the endless space between the ocean and the dunes beneath. Get the essence of the scenic beauty of the desert from the above while you gaze the camels, gazelles, etc.

FYI Hot air balloon rides in Dubai are high in demand, tickets tend to sell out speedily and with an earlier reservation (least 2-3 weeks before), you get to stay on the safer side.

Fat Tyre Biking

Fat Tyre biking is ordinarily meant for those traveling solo or traversing with a gang of 5. As for racing, it helps you connect to your companions or fellow travelers while you chase the sun and the golden dunes. This bike handles the rugged terrains of the desert fulfilling some sportive adventure feels. The word you are looking for is ‘Thrill’. It is only relatable if you try it and seek the possible desert adventure in Dubai.

Dubai Desert Camp

Dubai Desert Camp

Smart people at times choose comfort over luxury, and which is why one should visit the desert camp in Dubai to experience the tranquility! Escape the heat by getting lost in the endless and forever changing maze of sand in Dubai Desert Camp endeavoring some traditional desert activities. Smoke, flavored Shisha pot while you relax, get Henna Tattoos on your hand and shoulder, try on the Arab attire Abaya and Kandora, and get clicked with the majestic bird, Falcon. Marvel at the cultural dance performances and shows. Embark at the adventurous journey scrumping on a delicious Arabian barbeque buffet. You also get to choose to stay overnight in the desert camp and enjoy gazing at the stars.

Do you think you are having an awe-inspiring moment strolling around the city of Dubai? Let’s say you are and so we need to live to fill the chalice of our life with some magical memories.

Let’s cherish the adventure and maybe you can share with us the desert sport of your choice this summer! Comment below to share.

desert safari activities

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