Dubai Butterfly Garden - All That You Need to Know
15 July, 2019

Dubai Butterfly Garden – All That You Need to Know

Rainbow colored little wings were spattered in the air, kissing on the flowers, and your body and also creating some magical waves here and there. Walking amidst this natural ambiance recreates a heavenly bliss and if you are with your beloved one the power of that feeling multiplies a thousand times. Do you want to feel it? Don’t worry about that as the Dubai Butterfly Garden is awaiting you.

Dubai Attractions

Visit the garden and take a long haul to make yourself feel refreshed. Also, this place acts as an educational hub for your children because they can perform a life examination of the most beautiful insects in the world.

Are you excited to know the different segments included in this realistic as well as magical landscape? Don’t worry, here is a small outline of one of the famous Dubai attractions.

The Design and Pattern

Things to do in DubaiThis recreated natural environment is situated right next to the beautiful Miracle Garden Dubai. Don’t be confused as this is not located inside the Miracle Garden but located right next to it. It has ten domes (6,673 sq.m); artificially creating the atmosphere to grow butterflies. All these climate controlled domes have around 15000 butterflies from a variety of species, shape, and size. Also, all domes are home to many flowers spreading fragrances around the space. You can also find a  Butterfly museum, lush green garden, fish ponds and fountains surrounding the domes. It has become the popular family attraction in Dubai, especially with your little ones. To make your kids more pleasant, Butterfly Garden has specially designed playgrounds for them.

Special Segments

  • Butterfly Museum: – A collection of handicrafts uses dried butterflies from different parts of the world.
  • Educational area: – This area is developed to educate people about the life cycle of butterflies.
  • Koi Pond:- Beautiful collection of different colored and sized Koi fishes giving soothing effects to the guests.
  • Cinema:- Space for showing educational movies, animation movies and videos related to the butterfly life cycle especially for the kids.

Dining at Butterfly Garden

Dubai Butterfly GardenTo stimulate your senses and give more comfort, Butterfly Garden offers more dining options. Candy shops, coffee/ tea shops, and Food Kiosks are serving delicious food to bring that sweet smile on their guests and to create an ambiance will let people relish the most. Enjoy your day with your favorite ice creams, juices, fruits, Sandwiches and lot more delicacies.

Visiting Time

  • Open all days from 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Functioning on all public holidays
  • Please note that Butterfly Garden will remain open throughout the year whereas Miracle Garden will be closed during the summer season.

On Your  Way to Dubai Butterfly Garden

Address:-  Al Barsha South 3, Dubailand Area, Beside Dubai Miracle Garden – Dubai

Butterfly Garden is located near to Miracle Garden and it is right opposite Arabian ranches and Motor City. You can easily get there by taking a taxi from all of the Emirates Metro Station.

Contact for More Information:

You can collect more information by visiting the website Now

All are welcome to the world’s largest insectarium super-charged with almost 15000 butterflies. Packback to visit Dubai to feel the gentle touch and kisses of hundreds of shaded wings. Do not worry as the authorities are not nurturing the wild butterflies!


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