Where avid foodies meet heaven… the Dubai food festival

“The Real Recipes of Dubai!”

Dubai, the magical land of luxury and tourism is also famed for their lip smacking dishes. For that reason, a number of tourists fly to Dubai with a sheer desire to taste these authentic Arabian dishes. For those foodies, the culinary bliss ‘Dubai Food Festival’ (DFF) is a lucky chance to tempt their taste buds with the real aromas of Arabia!

Well, let’s go through the real ingredients of this foodie celebration as the time is up to crack your diets to taste up to the mouth-watering cuisines in the Gastronomic city.

Yes, ‘Dubai Food festival’, which is organized from 2004, is all set to open its lid on March 2018 as their 11th years of yummy gala. Beyond just so-called food festivals, it is also an equivalent platform for a plethora of entertainments; music gigs, live shows, shopping, and many more. Most often, this festivity happens on city’s top-class restaurants and Dubai Media City Amphitheatre with celebrity chefs’ demonstrations… that is usually accompanied by fantastic International music shows to generate cheering vibes.

Cooking classes, live demonstrations, interactive sections, everything will be performed there as a soul part of this celebration… you can utilize them in real life as a mean to boost-up your talent in cooking. The best part of this fiesta is that one can catch the procedures of live cooking performance; done by world famous chefs and also those who are very interested in cooking can partake in cookery….learn various culinary tips & tricks from these chef masters.

This festival of food, music and shopping, is also a platform for International music concerts too. So here, you can soak up in music… treat your taste buds with exceptionally tasteful dishes and relax in the flavorful ambience. Ensure that in this cosiness you don’t forget to bag some gastronomic products and gifts from the stalls.

Pull up your socks ….enter into this world of extravagance and luscious cuisines!  


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