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15 July, 2019

Dubai Garden Glow – A Very Special Glow Indeed!

A garden made up with the concept of ‘art by day and glow by night’! Sounds like something interesting right? That is Dubai Garden Glow – an artificial garden full of wonders made from eco-friendly items. Rather than just entertainment and leisure, the light garden Dubai operates with a vision of making visitors aware of effective management of Mother Nature by proper recycling strategy. Not only us, but our kids will also have a fun time along with understanding about animal and plant kingdom. From bringing the childhood fun days to triggering our excitement mode, see how this place ensures us an unbeatable experience.

Located in the Zabeel Park, Garden Glow is relatively a new one among the Dubai attractions (established in the year 2015). Spanning over around 40 acres, the park is dubbed as the ‘largest themed garden in the world’. The combined effort of famous artisans all across the world gives the lesson about the science of art during the day and a colorful ambiance on the night.

Dubai Garden Glow attractions are showcased mainly in three separate thematic zones such as Garden Glow Park, Dinosaur Park and Ice Sculpture Park. Besides these zones, there are some entertainment spots arranged for you to experience something different.

Garden Glow Park


Garden Glow Park

This section has many marvelous creations that are made by inspirations from the wilds of Masai Mara, wildebeest migrations to tulip fields in Netherlands and world’s wonderful marine environments. These attractions are made out of 10 million energy saving bulbs and luminous fabrics. Every year, the Glow Park Dubai comes up with various themes such as wonders of the world, nature and conservation and underwater water world.

Dinosaur Park Dubai


Dinosaur Park Dubai

If you are a fan of Jurassic Park, then this Dinosaur Park is the place for you. With 100 animatronic Dinosaur models that are much like those majestic creatures in the primitive times, this park is first of its kind in the Emirates. The little explorers can see the real sized and real sounding dinosaurs behind a fence. An added attraction here is the Dino Lab that exhibits the life cycle of dinosaur right from birth, growth, death to becoming a fossil. Also, the dinosaur museum displays a model of skeletons of these primitive creatures.

Ice Sculpture Park


Ice Sculpture Park

It is the biggest ice Sculpture Park in the Middle East. This winter-themed destination chills at a temperature of minus 8 degrees (recognized as Dubai’s coolest hangout area).  Approximately 150 artists from all around the globe have put their effort to sculpt over 5,000 tons of ice. You can find icy sculptures of majestic Sheikh Zayed Mosque, towering Burj Khalifa, luxurious Burj Al Arab, ‘ice age’ film characters, dinosaurs, camels plus many more. The park also houses a play area for children with a variety of kid-friendly games and activities.

Sea world


Sea world


Colorful wonders in the underwater world are well displayed in the sea world. With the latest technologies, marine treasures (sea woods, shells, and fishes) are artificially created that can surely be a visual treat.

Colorful world and magical lights


Magical lights

In this brilliantly created section, one can encounter a fancy world of colors and magic amidst stunning ambiance and fascinating laser effects.

Happiness Street and happy forest


Happy Forest

While Happiness Street enchants visitors with a mission of spreading joy as a measure of the country’s development, the happy forest gives the message of wildlife protection.

Besides, the Garden Glow has lot many entertaining things in store like African Savanna, Ant Party, Panda Paradise, Sparkling Garden, Rabbit Heart, Ladybirds, Candy Land, Water Fairies, Talking Tree and Giant Phoenix Vase…all much like reading a fairy tale.

There are also plenty of restaurants and cafes serving many international cuisines.

In a nutshell, this theme park provides an unparalleled experience for all irrespective of age. So next time when you visit Dubai, be sure to take Garden Glow trip and there you can enjoy wholeheartedly with your friends and family.

Points to note:

Location: Zabeel Park, Dubai



Dubai garden glow timings

  • The opening hours of Garden glow:
  • From Saturdays to Wednesdays: 04.00 PM – 12.00 AM
  • On Thursdays, Fridays & Public Holidays: 04.00 PM – 1.00 AM


  • 60 AED is charged for single entrant + 5% VAT (Dinosaur Park + Glow park)
  • Entry will be free of cost for children under the age of 3

Rules & Regulations

  • The park does not permit balls, Scooties, and pets.
  • It is mandatory to follow all the safety instruction given (verbal or written)
  • Smoking in the non-designated area is strictly prohibited.
  • Follow respectful attire inside the park
  • Take care of all your belongings, as garden glow will not take responsibility in case of lost, stolen or damage.
  • If any unusual or unruly behavior is observed from the part of guests, management has the right to reject them



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