Dubai International Kite Fest 2018 @ Sunset Beach
15 July, 2019

Dubai International Kite Fest 2018 – It’s A Different Kind of Festival

The outdoor spirits of Dubai are something that you might have heard a lot… isn’t it? Have you ever experienced it?  If you have never got a chance to know it, then don’t worry; something exciting is on its way… Surprised?? Have you got any clue?? “Kite Fest”???  Yes, I am talking about Dubai International Kite Fest 2018.

With illuminated kites of different sizes and shapes, this fest will let you experience the dazzling outdoor spirits of Dubai. The sky offers a visual treat for its spectators. Are you ready for it?

kite fest dubaiThe Kite Fest represents the city’s passion for outdoor celebrations and the experience is totally free. This much-awaited festival is celebrated with eagerness and enthusiasm within Dubai and many tourists flock to Dubai from far corners of the world to participate and witness this vibrant event.

This place witnesses an outstanding view of hundreds of kites in different shapes ranging from giant teddy bears to cows, sharks to crocodiles flowing through the air. The shades of the kites are very attractive and along with the primary colors, the kites are designed using other colors like ochre, indigo, fuchsia which will leave you spellbound.

dubai holidaysThere are also many other activities like kite making workshops on how to design, build and fly kites, face painting, balloon benders, spot photography, portrait artists that enhance the boggling mood of this mega event. Besides, a variety of food courts, music and dance performances, children’s play area are arranged to make it a perfect day out for families.

People of all age groups wait for this feast and participants including children and grownups from various countries such as United States, Canada, UAE, Switzerland, Thailand and many others visit be a part of this spectacular event. It is expected that this year, over 15,000 kite enthusiasts will take part in this event. This colorful beach festival will be marked by kite flying championship, synchronized kite flying (creating incredible patterns in the sky with a collection of kites), Kite Buggying, Kitesurfing, kiteboarding and impressive night illuminated kite flying – offering everyone a visual treat.

Dubai International Kite FestVenue and Time

As one of the main tourist attractions in Dubai, the fest will take place on 9-10 March 2018 at Beach Canteen, Sunset Beach.

It is something worth waiting and watching. So pack up and get ready be a part of this merriment

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