International Property Show | Dubai World Trade Centre
21 August, 2019

Dubai International Property Show 2018

Why Dubai is nicknamed as a global city and an entrepreneur’s hub? Of course, a major factor is its cutting-edge structures that revolutionized the field of architecture over the years.

Just imagine… a tiny trading hub of pearls not so long ago is now a luxurious city that defines new standards in lifestyle comfort, tourism, and above all; in architecture..! Dubai’s lightning-quick evolution even outscores a mysterious thriller! And it’s no exaggeration that only a few countries can match with Dubai’s fast-paced development in the construction field that is growing sky-high like its skyscrapers.

Despite being the No. 1 happening hub in real estate, Dubai always strives to keep up its top slot by conducting several informative events – to sort out, brainstorm, and introduce creative concepts in the architectural field. The prominent one in this category is the ‘International Property Show Dubai’.

Originally commenced in 2001, the Dubai Property Show is all about properties’ construction, marketing and investment. Supported by Dubai Land Department (DLD), this show usually takes place in conjunction with Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) under the patronage of the vice president of UAE, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. At present, the stage is all set to raise the flag for the 14th edition – “International property shows Dubai 2018” on April 9th to 11th at Dubai World Trade Centre (Hall 1, 2, and 3).

The visitors of this significant International Property Show are not builders alone, but the national and international designers, architects, government officials and real estate giants. All major regional and international builders get attracted to this platform to showcase their commercial, residential, mixed-use products, villas, flats, bungalows and so on to the world.

With the conferences, debates, discussions, and workshops, this occasion offers much-needed information regarding the building-construction industry to the visitors and exhibitors. Here they can learn more about on-going commercial projects, and also build relationships with top-tier investors and real estate experts, witness project launches, etc.

Gaining more popularity year after year, Dubai Property Exhibition 2018 is expected to be more illustrious than its predecessors with around 19129 attendees, 117 exhibitors, 141 countries, and 138 media partners to partake!

In short, Middle East’s eminent property marketplace is going to make a drastic change in the field of real estate not only in UAE but in the whole world! Take part in Property Show Dubai and realize how our future can be superlatively innovative!


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