Love Lakes Dubai - Romantic Places To Visit In Dubai 2019
15 July, 2019

Love Lake Dubai – Romantic Places To Visit In Dubai 2019

The world of Dubai always remains as a great wonder to the whole universe and all of the authorities of Dubai always try to bring out big surprises to hold the entire world on their toes. The list of new innovations are neverending but extending. As a result of it, a long chain of skyscrapers and architectures have already risen there to catch the attention of wanderers.

Love Lake Al Qudra

Among these, Burj Khalifa, Palm Island, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, etc top the list of most visited places in Dubai. No doubt, these kinds of innovations have already become a paradise for all type of travelers. Apart from introducing huge skyscrapers, this time Dubai has come up with an awe-inspiring wonder in the heart of the Dubai desert, the Love Lakes.

Love Lake Dubai – Introducing a lake of love for the wanderlusts.

dubai love lake destination

To the list of romantic places in Dubai, a new attraction is being added by the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum – the Love Lakes. To spread out the happiness within the layers of warmth and love, this charming structure crafted and introduced to the outer world in the shape of two interlocking hearts.

On the outskirts of the Dubai desert, near to the Al Qudra Lake, the Crown Prince ironically presented this wonder along with the title “To all of you”. Rather than merely an entertainment spot for all kind of travelers, it aims to promote green life also. To spell out the meaning of ‘love’, they have planted trees around these two intertwined heart-shaped lakes. People can reach out there easily as the region is large enough to spot on Google map.

What all things await you at ‘Love Lake Dubai’

lake at the Love Lakes Dubai

In the middle of this barren land, spend your time with your family, friends and with your beloved one. This place is ideal and more blessed with human creativity. Being titled as one of the best romantic destinations in Dubai, Love Lake offers wonderful opportunities to take photos to add more colorful memories to your visit

You will get more colorful clicks if you have a drone with you as they look more stunning from the heights. Before using drones for better snaps, you have to take permission from the authorities. You are free to bring food items but always remember to ensure that the surroundings used by you are clean before you leave.

romantic places to go in dubai

Apart from taking a relaxation, there is a separate place for jogging. You can opt for this pathway for jogging to make a change in order to refresh your mindset.

How To Go To Love Lake Dubai?

The heart-shaped lake is situated near to Al Qudra Lake, approx. 700 meters and it is visible on Google Earth. Authorities have marked road signs to find the spot for the visitors. Follow these signs to reach there and make your Dubai sightseeing tour memorable.

love lake dubai

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