Dubai Off Road Scenes | Adventure Holidays in Dubai
21 August, 2019

Dubai Off Road Scenes

We are gonna roll out a bunch of important info regarding Off-road adventures in Dubai.

Who doesn’t love to play in the sands, everyone does, right from their childhood. But as the life cycle revolves around to a point, your obsessions start to change and you forget that part of you. You are more fixated on endearing and thrilling experiences that make you forget about your chained life. Well, wouldn’t you like to pitch a tent around that experience and just live there for a while? Wouldn’t you want that sleeping kid inside of you to jump with joy? The answer to these questions only requires a simple plane ticket to Dubai. Why Dubai, because they have got the biggest sandbox for you to play endlessly and I’m not talking about playing castles like in your backyard. No, this is the big boys kinda play that we are talking about.

dubai safariHave you seen the incredible Hulk commuting? Jumping so effortlessly up in the air kinda like springs attached on his legs. It certainly won’t be exactly like that but you do it with a 4WD and its safe. It won’t be equivalent to flying but it will surely raise your tiny hairs due to the rapid intervals of adrenaline rushes. They called it Dune Bashing, we call it “Shots of Joy” and it is a must try.

This is what the Sandbox of Dubai is famous for, experiences that get you all hyped and makes you say the following lines “Let’s do it again for our next adventure holiday in Dubai. Get a professional driver with a 4WD, start touring around and receive some basic Off-road driving lessons. Explore the curvature, twists, turns, high’s and low’s of the dunes. One of the good places to be around is the Fossil Rock en route Hatta on the right side of Sharjah-Kalba road, close to Al-Malaiha.

If desert landscape won’t do justice, you could just jump out of a plane, if you know what I mean. But consider checking out the awesome mountain trails and we guarantee that you will start to enjoy it. Riding from Dubai you are welcomed with good mountainous routes such as a 15km trek from Nazwa Road to Pink Rocks and this place is highly recommended.

Then drive about an hour from Dubai and you are welcomed with the most kickass spot; Hatta. It is a paradise for Dune Bash lovers because of its dramatic sand formations. You are amazed by how those trails become the best ever “Hotwheels Track Set”. Either 4WD/mountain bikes can be used to tackle the 52 Km trail like a glove.

Okay, if not a 4WD then how about a dune buggy/quad bike to fire up the desert terrain. Let’s just say that you are more of an extremist and you need something a bit more than a 4WD. That’s where these beasts come into play.

Dune Buggies are not what you expect as they pack a lot of punch in them. They are stripped down vehicles packing a mean 750 cc engine and they roar with great might with every single rev. So if you want more of that sort of experience then stop thinking and head out to E44(Dubai-Hatta Road) and you can find several quad bike/dune buggy rental companies.

Must Have’s

  • Breakdown Equipment
  • Fully-serviced vehicle
  • Updated GPS
  • Torch
  • Foot Pump
  • Portable Charger
  • First Aid Kit
  • Spare Tyre with pressure gauge
  • Petrol can and drinking water

So, quit waiting for what life will grant you as beautiful memories and start grabbing them one by one.

dubai desert

Crowley Lestrange

Like all the kids who eagerly looked above to see the aeroplane trails, Crowley Lestrange pictured himself that he will be a traveler one day; experiencing everything under the clear blue sky. He was a passionate traveler from a very young age and life turned him into a storyteller. Crowley Lestrange hopes that life will grant him even more adventures for others to know what they were missing all these time.

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