Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 : Everything You Need To Know
19 July, 2019

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 : Everything You Need To Know

What comes to your mind when you think about Dubai?  Shopping??? Of course, it will be shopping, because Dubai is the only city where the whole world loves to come together to shop.  This shopper’s paradise is also a ritzy downtown that makes this city dearly-beloved as a tourist hotspot too.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

This shopping city has something to offer every time and if you are a shopaholic, then here is good news for you – Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) has raised its curtain on 26th December 2018 and will bring to a close on 2nd February 2019. So get ready to celebrate your touring with ultimate shopping that will be lined up with freebies and surprises…

Dubai Shopping Festival is much more than a shopping fiesta. It is a multi-faced floor for jollity, fashion, entertainment, and spectacular adventures. On every season, around 4 million people visit Dubai only to be a part of this extravaganza.

Dubai Shopping FestivalEvery year, this gala gets bigger and shines much prettier than the previous years. This year too the malls, city centers, and shopping hubs have all geared up to welcome the shoppers with discounts and surprises. Luxurious vehicles, cash prizes, gold coins, tenements, holiday tickets, and the prize list goes on. We can’t even predict what awaits you, so get ready to take a hold of what you really wish for!

Everyone who visits Dubai for Shopping Festival usually leaves this dreamland with bags that are jam-packed with their favorite items, because the offers are so tempting that none can stop themselves from grabbing every deal offered! Shoppers shop till their wallets are empty because unbelievable prices make shopping experience amazing and holiday, a delightful one!

Apart from discounts, the gala also features unique entertainments and leisure activities for people of all age groups. The entertainments include street dramas, fashion shows, film screenings, music concerts, night fireworks, food, games, and rides other than numerous cultural programs. Yes, DSF is very much a platform for World Culture Festival. All these events and activities add more charm and color to this vibrant festival.

DSF is unique and really tempting when compared to every other shopping festivals because, DSF not only offers an opportunity to shop alone,  rather it is a grand cultural celebration that attracts people from all around the world without any restrictions in terms of religion, caste, creed, nation or culture.

Want to be a part of DSF? Don’t you feel like experiencing shopping as a holiday option? There is no better option for a shopping vacation than DSF. Fly to Dubai for DSF and make your shopping cart full of unforgettable memories and a lot of many quality products. Just Come, Shop and make merry of your Dubai holidays!


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  1. AvatarArif Reply

    Very well said about Dubai Shopping Festival? Just like you, I am also a big fan of this spectacular shopping festival that makes splurging such a pleasing experience. And I am sure all others who have attended it must have the same reaction just as us. Dubai is standing true all the epithets tourists and travel bloggers have given it. Sadly, I couldn’t be a part of the shopping fiesta this year. But I have enjoyed it twice previously. I hope my next new year will be in Dubai enjoying myself shopping.

    1. Alex JoeAlex Joe Post author Reply

      Great thanks for your valuable feedback. We look forward to your next Dubai visit and we are always ready to assist you

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