Dubai Wood Show 12 - 14 March 2018 @ Dubai World Trade Centre
15 July, 2019

Dubai Wood Show : Where woods narrate interesting things!

Dubai, the city of glitz and luxury, holds tradition and customs closer to its soul. The city always chooses to share its affluent traditions and technical advancements all over the globe as well. With regard to this concern, events and festivals of Dubai always hit headlines and there is another feather on Dubai’s love for its vibrant culture “Dubai Wood Show”. It is one among the activities for the visitors of Dubai similar to exhibitions, festivals, and trade fairs.

If you have never heard about Wood Show, then let’s take a quick look into it.


Dubai Wood Show is a trade fair exclusively composed of wood, woodworking machinery and wood crafts. This exhibition was initiated in 2006, and it is stepping into its glorious 12th edition at present. The fair gets extra polished as it has attracted thousands of visitors from all around the world every year.

This business-to-business (B2B) fair is a convergence platform for traders, suppliers, manufacturers, companies, wood-craft lovers, and all those who belong to the wood industry chain. An enormous range of wood products will be displayed here including wood carvings, accessories, machinery, knives, blades, and all the things that are related to the wood industry.

The core motive behind this exhibition is to offer a seamless platform for manufacturers, suppliers, to showcase/introduce their innovative products to the world market to get good reach. Apart from all these, this is also a great opportunity to build a good relationship between traders, buyers and investors.

The wood and products have massive demand in the national and international market as the construction sector makes a huge profit in GCC. So, this festival is an integral part of Dubai.

It will be a great opportunity to be a part of this mega event.

dubai wood show

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