Global Village Dubai 2018 - Must See Attraction
15 July, 2019

See The Entire World in One Glance @ Dubai Global Village

Dubai Global Village

The Total Extravagant Package offering plentiful facilities for culture, entertainment, and shopping is what Global Village is all about. As the name sounds, this place is truly global representing culture and goodies of the world under one umbrella. Due to this reason, this destination is regarded as one of the largest entertaining hubs in the world. A visit to Global Village is nothing less than taking part in a world tour.

global village at nightThe Global Attractions


Featuring loads of shopping amenities, Global Village is the ultimate paradise for shopaholics. Retail shops in this center sell traditional and local products and some delectable cuisines.

There are about 30 pavilions representing over 75 countries in the world. Selling food, trinkets, and clothes; these pavilions showcase the culture of each country. For example, you will come across beautiful carpets imported from Afghanistan, Argan oil from Morocco, dried fruits of Thailand, delicious honey from Yemen and the list goes on. The largest among them is the Indian pavilion with around 300 stalls displaying cotton and silk products.


The Global village offers many fun-filled entertainments to millions of visitors. Some of them are;

  • Monster Stunt show

This adrenaline-fueled stunt show is packed with extreme actions, fight scenes, stunt bikes, quad bikes, death-defying car chase, and a massive monster truck. This action-packed live show surely excites everyone.

  • Concerts

Global Village hosts live musical performances that win the heart of people of all ages. Many international stars from the Middle East, Asia and Europe will participate in this cultural program.

  • Globo shows

A kid’s friendly attraction, Globo show is a stand out entertaining event in the Global Village. Here, the kids from the audience help Globo and his 6 friends to overcome obstacles during the game.

  • Cultural shows

Energetic performances of festivals, culture and traditional stories with latest and vibrant light and sound techniques is truly a feast for the visitor’s eyes. Some of the shows include Viva Bollywood, Tall Tales, City Jam, etc.


With plenty of restaurants cafes and Kiosks, this complex has a wide variety of dining options to explore. Cuisines from all over the world including Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Emirati and more can be seen here.

Whether you are looking for a seating restaurant or you just want street food of any county, Global village has it all in store. There are also Hardees,

Krispy Crèmes, Pizza Hut and KFC for an ultimate culinary experience.

Fantasy Island theme park

Home to a Ferris wheel and many other thrilling rollercoaster rides, Fantasy Island theme park is a true delight to all visitors; especially kids. Besides these, the global village has a small selection of rides, games, and amusements too.


Many daily events such as musical fountain show, firework display and music, and dance shows are always taking place here. It is certainly a great place to spend your valuable and enjoyable time with your family!

global village dubai

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    The best place ever visited. I really had a great time over there. It is definitely a must visit one. Overall it was a great experience.

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