Entrance Fees & Timing of Temples & attractions in Egypt
15 July, 2019

Entrance fees & Timing of Temples & attractions in Egypt

When you visit Egypt most of the exploration will revolve around Temples, Museums and other government-controlled monuments. After all, the fascinating history of this enchanting country is preserved in these venues for the public to relish. All these attractions follow timings to the dot, therefore, you should make sure that you are thorough with the timings and reach the venue at the right time. Also, knowing the entrance fees to the venues will help you with the budget planning of your Egypt Holidays. So let’s get straight into it.



The Pyramids of Giza

Here is a list of attractions and things to do in Egypt that you should not miss.


 Name of the VenueFee (Egyptian Pound)Timing
1.Giza Pyramids1608 AM- 5 PM
2.Entry to Great Pyramid3608 AM- 5 PM
3.Egyptian Museum1609 AM- 5 PM
4.Saqqara1508 AM- 5 PM
5.Memphis808 AM- 5 PM
6.Dahshur608 AM- 5 PM
7.Coptic Cairo (Church-Synagogue of Ben Ezra, Hanging Church-St.Sergius and Bacchus)Entry is free8 AM- 4 PM
8.Cave ChurchEntry is free8 AM- 4 PM
9.Coptic Museum1008 AM- 4 PM
10.Citadel of Saladin140 M / 160 N8 AM- 5 PM
11.Sultan Hassan Madrassa and Refaai Mosque808 AM- 4 PM
12.Gayer Anderson Museum609 AM- 4 PM
13.The curved pyramid809 AM- 4 PM
14.Pompei’s Pillar809 AM- 5.30 PM
15.Roman Amphitheater808 AM- 5 PM
16.Alexandria National Museum1009 AM- 4.30 PM
17.Karnak Temple1506 AM- 5.30 PM
18.Karnak “Open-air Museum”80  6 AM- 5.30 PM
19.Luxor Temple1406 AM- 10 PM
20.Luxor Museum1406 AM- 10 PM
21.Philae Temple1409 AM- 5 PM
22.Edfu Temple1409 AM- 5 PM
23.Mummification Museum1009 AM- 9 PM
24.Abu Simbel Temples4005 AM- 6 PM





This category comprises attractions from the East Bank of the Nile River.


 Name of the VenueFee (Egyptian Pound)Timing
1.Temple of Karnak656 AM- 4 PM
2.Temple of Luxor506 AM- 9 PM
3.Luxor Museum809 AM- 3 PM,

4 PM- 9 PM

4.Mummification Museum509 AM- 2 PM,

4 PM- 9 PM




West Bank

According to Egyptian beliefs, the East bank of Nile is auspicious and the West Bank is related to death and afterlife. Therefore, there are not many temples and museums in the West Bank.


 Name of the VenueFee (Egyptian Pound)Timing
1.Colossi of MemnonEntry is free 6 AM- 5 PM




Valley of the KingsThe Valley of the Kings, where many Egyptian Pharaohs lived and died for 500 years, offers many famed attractions for the tourist to marvel. Here is the list of timings for Valley of the King attractions.


 Name of the VenueFee (Egyptian Pound)Timing
1.Tut Ankh Amen1006 AM- 5 PM (Break time 1 PM- 2 PM
2.Ramses VI506 AM- 5 PM
3.Ramses I 



 80 for three tombs








6 AM- 5 PM
4.Ramses IV6 AM- 5 PM
5.Ramses VII6 AM- 5 PM
6.Ramses IX6 AM- 5 PM
7.Seti II6 AM- 5 PM
8.Tawsert/Sethnakhte6 AM- 5 PM
9.Tuthmosis III6 AM- 5 PM
10.Tuthmosis IV6 AM- 5 PM
11.Saptah6 AM- 5 PM
12.Horemheb6 AM- 5 PM
13.Menttuherkhopshef6 AM- 5 PM
14.Ay256 AM- 5 PM
15.Temple of Hatshepsut306 AM- 5 PM
16.Ramesseum306 AM- 5 PM
17.Medinat Hab306 AM- 5 PM
18.Temple of Seti 1306 AM- 5 PM
19.Temple of Merneptah306 AM- 5 PM




 Name of the VenueFee (Egyptian Pound)Timing



6 AM- 5 PM
2.Inherkau6 AM- 5 PM
3.Temple6 AM- 5 PM
4.Pashedu256 AM- 5 PM




Valley of the QueensThe magnificent tombs were not just for the kings. Check out the list of Egyptian Queen’s Tombs and their timings.


 Name of the VenueFee (Egyptian Pound)Timing
1.NefertariClosed for restoration workClosed for restoration work



6 AM- 5 PM
3.Amenherkhopshef6 AM- 5 PM
4.Kahemwaset 6 AM- 5 PM




Tombs of the NoblesThe Tombs of the Nobles comprises tombs of Egyptian nobility such as princes, princesses, priests, soldiers, viziers, officials and other important employees of the Pharaohs. The Tombs are found in Luxor, Saqqara, Amarna and Aswan.


 Name of the VenueFee (Egyptian Pound)Timing
1.Nakht256 AM- 5 PM
2.Menna6 AM- 5 PM
3.Rekmire256 AM- 5 PM
4.Sennefer6 AM- 5 PM
5.Ramose306 AM- 5 PM
6.Userhet6 AM- 5 PM
7.Khaemhet6 AM- 5 PM
8.Khons156 AM- 5 PM
9.Userhet6 AM- 5 PM
10.Benia6 AM- 5 PM
11.Pabasa256 AM- 5 PM
12.Keref256 AM- 5 PM
13.Anchhor6 AM- 5 PM
14.Khokha Area256 AM- 5 PM
15.Roy, Shroy156 AM- 5 PM


The myriad tombs, temples and museums of Egypt Tourism are bound to leave you awe-struck. The fact that the people who lived in ancient and simpler times managed to build a flourishing civilization is beyond everyone’s comprehension. The vestiges of this illustrious culture are still preserved in these aforementioned venues. Therefore, give this list a good read and visit as many attractions as you can and soak up the charm of Egypt travel!



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