Ferrari World Attractions: Checklist On What To Try And What To Skip
21 August, 2019

Ferrari World Attractions: Checklist On What To Try And What To Skip

Crave for the intense G-force of a world-class roller coaster. For karting race with your family or by challenging the best lap times in a state-of-the-art simulator with a friend, get some endless fun inside as there are no age limits. Run-in from top to bottom and drive on to the Ferrari World.

Swirl into Formula Rossa


ferrari world attractions

Do you think Formula Rossa is a ride that depicts minimization of fear? No, it doesn’t! Although this will be easy for the death eaters (the monsters) and only if you fancy about speeds, surely Formula Rossa can be your thing! This fastest coaster in the world pushes you from an extreme height with a sudden drop and gives you those whirls of butterflies kicking from inside making you scare at some point where you start squealing to the top of your voice. This lighting speed ride speeds up to 149mph in 5 seconds.

Formula Rossa gives you some serious bragging while you go back home, mind it!

Made in Maranello


ferrari world attractions

Made in Maranello shares an exclusive discovery of the Ferrari engines with an insight version of designs stated in early stages, which were only for the ones who could afford and drive. To begin with, witness a deep impression of the matching engine parts and paintings, from right to the final hand furnishing and test drive on Ferrari’s Fiorano circuit, incorporated in the Ferrari factory at Maranello. It is truly a visual treat to your sight.

Speed of Magic

Abu Dhabi Ferrari WorldRemember Alice in Wonderland, where a young girl lands in a very unexpected magical place. Well, this is not the same but now that you have an idea, relate and spend the time adventuring to a fantasy world with a little boy named Nello, the Ferrari master. You will enjoy the chase of dreamscapes in a 4 D stimulator with your kid and be a child again.

Scuderia Challenge

You get to indulge your feelings for simulators in this visual race game as you compete against your fellow mates breaking the records by lap timings. Scuderia challenge is similar to dashing cars with no actual space to dash. Instead, you race with a 180-degree projected screen facing towards you, with a handy wheel to steer the moment of the drive while you enable to control the feel of a real rush but with no bumping and striving a satisfying jolt shift when you gear up the speed.

Fiorano GT Challenge

Strap in for a spider ride dragging you to race in the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi known as a Fiorano GT Challenge. Fiorano is the next launched roller coaster after Formula Rossa that features huge twisted parallel tracks releasing a competitive streak for the riders in a Ferrari F430 Spider, the racing trains. These tracks connect the coasters and meet at the finish line, crossing paths at several points. GT challenges the feel of escaping the road and it’s similar to the chase scene from the movie Fast and Furious.

G Force

You can escape the drop if not attempting, except if you’ve tried Bungee jumping! I know this isn’t the same but can you resist the speed of drop from above with a swift of staggering fall because that’s how G-force delivers a churning of stomach, so the experience of falling from the top could be varied.  

Warning Alert! This ride only fosters the evil-hearted (not the weak heart), who got guts hitting 62 meters high above the ground jerking down at a snap of a finger just like the scene of a Marvel movie: The Avengers, where Thanos destroys the land of superheroes, so remember a cinch of fall can cause ache.

Know the speed: It takes only seconds to drop from a height covering longitudes of 12 meters.

Bell’ Italia

Do you remember the movie, ‘Honey I shrunk the kids’? Yes, Bell’ Italia is the invention of Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi. Italy’s every astounding landmark is shrunken, same as the lead role actor Joe Johnston who tried his discoveries on his kids and next door neighbor’s kids. Also, know that Ferrari World is not only about fun, but it also displays some educational values too for the kids. Give a treat to your eyes traversing around this miniature slow-paced Italy.

Let’s accelerate the car simulators with firsthand experience as you comment down below your adventure stories with us.

Ferrari World Tour can be a Dream Come True!

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