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15 July, 2019

Food Tours in South Africa

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For me, vacationing in a new country is a fantastic opportunity to seek a new culture, to meet new people plus to experience new things. I know most of the travelers, foodies like me in particular, are fond of savoring the local taste of the place. And while I was enjoying my South African Holidays, what more could I do?

I felt like this country is not just the land of stunning sceneries and amazing wildlife treasures, but also the land of palatable foods and drinks. Do you know an awesome South African food fact? It is that the authentic dishes are renowned as ‘Rainbow Cuisine’ as it is a fusion of African, French, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian and Chinese. Even if I were on a diet, I couldn’t control myself from trying South Africa’s delicacies. I have to let you know that South Africa has many varieties of food to offer and also, Food Tours in South Africa are quite famous. Though I wanted to make a list of dishes I had while traveling in South Africa, I realized that it was difficult to narrow down to a few.

Let’s have a quick journey about what all foods to try in South Africa.


My all-time favorite snack in South Africa, Biltong is available at almost all supermarkets, corner cafes and even in upscale restaurants. These are dried meat strips made up of various types of meats such as beef, kudu, springbok and chicken.i.e the very reason why I noticed it. One thing I came to know is people here will miss biltong once they leave the country.

Usually, it is served in different styles including cubes, bites, strips and even in powdered form. And, all types are awesome! Since it is made up completely of natural ingredients and process, this protein-rich snack is used as a healthy substitute for chips, fries, candy and dips. One thing is for sure; once you start eating, you can’t stop.


ChakalakaI just love Chakalaka! I wish I could make it 2 meals a day. Be it the flavor or presentation, Chakalaka is peculiar among South African foods. I got to experience one of the thing’s I always wanted to try. This is a classic combo of vegetables like grated carrots and cabbage, garlic, chilies, cooked beans, cauliflower and chopped tomato. Actually, Chakalaka is served with barbecues mainly during celebrations and gathering. Anyway, it was so delicious.


If you want a real taste of South Africa, you can’t skip Boerewors. This is made up of ninety-percentage meat (beef, pork or lamb), rest with ten percentage spices, seasonings and preservatives (Vinegar and salt). It was considered to be the main part of the diet in the early days and still available in the best restaurants in South Africa. This food is quite inexpensive and is used for all types of functions and occasions.

Milk Tart

Milk TartI found this as a commonly eaten dessert or teatime treat in Food Tours in South Africa. It is prepared by mixing up butter, sugar, egg white, baking powder, cake flour and vanilla in milk. One more has a perfect blend of cream and sweetness. For me, that is what makes Milk Tart yummier. This South African Pie is abundantly available everywhere in the country.

Cape Malay curry

Cape Malay curry

Among traditional South African dishes, Cape Malay has a touching history as it is brought by slaves of India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. This dish is rich in fragrant spices including saffron, cinnamon, and chili powder. This is the spiciest food I’ve ever seen. What’s more, is that it is really healthy.

I like Bobotie. Literally, Bobotie means lamb or beef mixed with nice flavors of curry spices, nuts, and dried fruits. It is most commonly eaten with yellow rice as a dinnertime dish. Bobotie is now the national dish of South Africa.

Malva pudding

Malva puddingWhere else in the world can you find a pudding unique like this! It was originally used by Cape Dutch settlers. I assure you can’t come away from South Africa without trying it. Recipes include sugar, butter, flour and apricot jam. With my first bite, I was so in love with it. It tastes sweet with shiny dark color. This flavorful South African dish is often eaten with custard, brandy butter, whipped cream or ice cream.

These are my favorites only. South African cuisine is not limited to this much. There is a long list to enjoy, whether you love sweet, sour, veg or non-veg; all of which makes you fall in love with the country. If you are ever in South Africa, I would like you to try as much as dishes you can try in the time you are there. It would be a very interesting experience.

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Food Tours in South Africa

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