What makes France-Swiss holidays so special ?

The nature, culture and architecture of France and Switzerland make these countries exceptionally beautiful.  Anyone, who wish for a relaxed, tension-free, budget friendly holiday experience can pick these countries without a second thought. While Switzerland glitters with natural beauty, cultural diversity, France stands out with its art and architecture. The iconic landmarks, flower-lined paths, mountain Alps, museums, galleries and above all the cultural experiences these countries offer make a holidaying in Swiss and France exceptional. Let us take a quick scroll through the wonders of these countries.

Top-rated France-Swiss Attractions:

Eiffel Tower

Among the different places to visit in France, Eiffel tower is an outstanding marvel of Paris. Country’s second tallest tower with a total height of 324 meters, Eiffel never ceases to impress its visitors. This tower features an observation deck at top level with splendid cityscape view and best class restaurants including Le Jules Verne and a champagne bar. This edifice is a great spot for excellent photography especially during night.

Louvre Museum

Occupying top position in the list of world’s art museums, Louvre Museum stands as one of the most visited art galleries. Housed inside the Louvre Palace in the French capital, this museum showcases many masterpiece art treasures not only from the France but also from other countries. Da Vinci’s great work ‘Mona Lisa’ is the most important attraction. Egyptian antiquities include Large Sphinx, mummies, clothing, and statues of Nephthys, Amenemhatankh and Hathor. There are also Greek, Etruscan and Roman relics, decorative arts, sculptures and paintings. One additional feature is the glass pyramid at the entrance of this structure.  

Seine River Cruise

A great way to enjoy the ‘city of fashion’ in a unique outlook is cruising over the river Seine. This will bring you wonderful views of Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral and other iconic landmarks of the city. Lovely landscapes including vineyards and orchards and picturesque villages can also be seen in this cruise. This wonderful activity is a must do thing for all kind of travellers especially when with families who is planning unforgettable holidays in France. 

Disneyland Paris Theme Park

Turning your fantasy into reality, Disneyland Theme Park has been amusing crowds of people over years. Spanning over around 4800 acres, it consists of theme parks, resorts, shopping along with entertainment complex. At Disneyland guests are invited to stunning parades, mind-blowing shows and many classic attractions. Also they can encounter Disney characters such as Micky, Minnie, Cinderella, Donald and many others. All your beloved ones find something they love in this paradise as there are activities to entertain all, despite of age. 

Rhine Falls

Largest waterfall in the Switzerland, Rhine Falls is a major tourist destination in the country as it is overwhelming with scenic beauty. Lovely fizzing sound of waters failing on the rocks fills freshness into anyone. The availability of exciting boat ride to the rock at the center of waterfall, downward to the national border and short walk to the top is good option for travellers to experience the place wonderfully.  Viewing platforms constructed on either side of the Rhine give beautiful views of cascade. Adventure Park offers ample opportunities for adrenaline rush. Restaurants, shops, restrooms are also available in this place.

Swiss Alps

A heaven for nature and outdoor fans, Swiss Alps is a true gem of Switzerland. Snow capped mountains, steep peaks, picturesque valleys makes it one of the most impressive landscape in the world. The pyramid shaped ‘Matterhorn’ boasting scenic panorama and verdant meadows, breathtaking ‘Jungfraujoch’ (top of Europe) make visitors stand in awestruck. A tiny town Interlaken located in the right heart of the Bernese Alps, which is surrounded by lakes, make this destination a must-see on Switzerland holidays.

Lake Geneva

One of the largest water bodies in the Europe, Lake Geneva shares the border between Switzerland and France. Surrounded by resort towns, parks, promenades and gardens, this magnificent spectacle of nature is true feast for eyes. This liquid basin is an ideal way to enjoy Jura Mountains, Vaudoise Alps and Canton Vaud wineries. Whether you want a flavor of adventure, nature or arts activities that lake offers are endless.

In every sense France-Swiss holidays are so special because of the  attractions, landmarks, landscape,history and culture  they possess… Holidaying at these nature-kissed places are special and  best suitable to fulfill your travel dreams… Plan it out, if you ever dream to visit heaven-like places!





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