7 Stunning Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Real Life
15 July, 2019

7 Stunning Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Real Life

At last, the war of seven kingdoms concluded with an almost satisfying climax and the much awaited days of the Game of Thrones’ fans ended! There are simply no words to explain how popular the show was; conquering the whole world. Discussing its plots, settings or storyline is not so important right now, because people have already started their journey to explore the destinations were this amazing story was filmed. 

Don’t you fix a journey to sightsee the famous location of this popular TV series? Don’t delay to witness and be a part of your favorite HBO series.  

Everything seems to be very different…use this time to find out your adventure persona by visiting some of the famous Game of Thrones Set Locations.

1. Castle Ward Estate- ‘The Winterfell’

The North and the family of Starks are the favorite people till the end of this series. Winterfell, the home place remains amazing whenever we remember about the House of Stark. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a great fan of this show, this destination is good for a great family trip.

Castle Ward Estate- ‘The Winterfell’This 18-century construction is developed in Northern Ireland, close to the village Strangford. This is one of the exact constructions that represent medieval art and architecture. This is evident from its walls and Castle Tower gate. This landscape is beautified with gardens, restaurants, sawmills, etc and a walk through this place will be a once in a lifetime experience. Now, this architecture is open for the public to sightsee. Once you reach there, don’t be afraid of the ‘white walkers’! 

2. “Gaztelugatxe” of Spain – ‘The Dragonstone’

One of the real-life locations that became famous through the HBO series as in the name of a mythical landscape is the Dragonstone. This landscape is introduced in the series when the show becomes more interesting. The Island in real life is home to a church named ‘San Juan de Gaztelugatxe’.

Gaztelugatxe of Spain The DragonstoneIt has been believed that it is built approx. a thousand years ago and it is well known for its historical significance. If you are longing for any wish that still remains unfulfilled, come and ring the bell three times. The mythical stories related to this church says that deities will grant it for you. 

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia- ‘The King’s Landing’

The mad Queen’s ‘mad action’ against Kings landing covered almost ¾ of episode 05 in the last season. King’s Landing or the ‘Seat of the Iron Throne’ has occupied the crucial elements in the worldwide traveler’s bucket list. Day by day the number of travelers to this location seems to be increasing.

game of thrones places namesWhen detaching this destination from the Game of Thrones, this location offers incredible views to all kinds of explorers. This plot setting is located in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The city is home to many tourist attractions including restaurants, cafes, traditional architectures, and attractions.

4. The Dark Hedges In Northern Ireland

Just imagine that you are walking along the array of beech trees planted on either side of the road that are forming an arch across the lane to create beautiful sceneries. How good will you feel? Near to the town Ballymoney in Antrim, Northern Ireland you can find this amazing spot, which is one of the most famous ‘Game of Thrones’ Filming Locations in Ireland.

The Dark Hedges In Northern IrelandOnce in a while, this line of trees was planted by the Stuart family to decorate the way to their home. When years passed by, these trees grew and turned as a magnificent sight for nature photography. This home is now owned by Gracehill house and now it is turned to be an estate functioning as a bar, restaurant and wedding venue and so on. You know this location is already famous and the scenes in Game of Thrones popularised this destination even more.

If you plan to visit, please note the below-given points: 

  • Reach early to see the sunrise, this phenomenon is beautiful. 
  • From the South end, you will get more beautiful pictures 
  • The time of sunset is also magnificent to watch 

5. Tollymore Forest Park

Constructed in 1955, Tollymore park is a wonder to the rest of the world. This natural environment has already taken out the hearts of millions of travelers that came to visit this park. It is located near to Newcastle city and the downhills of the mountain Mourne and covers an area of 1600 acres of the place.

Tollymore Forest Park Famous filmed locations in this series are:

  • The King’s road to Castle Black 
  • The Starks finding Direwolf pups
  • The haunted forest North of the wall 

This large and beautiful place comprises gorgeous walking paths and a number of bridges which dates back to 1726. The tourist place is open to the public, all days from 10 AM to sunset.

6. Vatnajökull, Iceland-  ‘Beyond the Walls’

The most beautiful natural phenomenon from the land of Iceland also became a  part of this show. Among the Game of Thrones locations in Iceland, Vatnajokull national park gets some special attention. This natural wonder is well known for its geographical features and weather conditions including Volcanoes, Volcanic lakes, rivers, glacial ice, and geothermal activities. Iceland, home to the biggest Ice caps in Europe is attracting adventure riders and approx 11% of this country is covered with ice.

Game of Thrones locations in IcelandPeople who have an interest in glacier hiking and snowmobiling can visit this place without thinking twice. The views of the crystal blue ice cave are sure to make your winter holidays more exciting and fun-filled as the cold fingers of the cave touch our soul.

7. Malta

game of thrones kingdoms

The Republic of Malta is a Southern European country and its many beautiful locations have been filmed in this series. If there is a wanderlust in you, then a Journey to this place is worthwhile to quench the thirsty adventurer in you! St Dominic convent, Gozo, Valletta, San Anton Palace, Mdina are really beautiful and vast enough to gift a delightful experience to cherish forever.

Complete your dream visits before it is too late.

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Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Ireland
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