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3 Days Georgia Travel Experience

I am not a regular traveller, but definitely, I love to travel to new places and writing my Travel diary. I have no idea what made me visit Georgia but it was more astonishing than what I could ever wish for. Now, in love with Georgia’s weather, nature nearly everything. It is the safest European country for a solo female traveller.

Georgia is a perfect magical land, from nature landscape with houses and streets are just like having drawn out of old princess stories.

Let’s take a short trip over history and geography. It is located in Eurasia between Europe and Asia. It is a home country of Caucasus Mountain and black sea beaches. An ancient wine-growing region, especially in Kakheti. Georgia has a vibrant tradition and culture is influenced by Anatolian, European, Persian, Arabic and far eastern culture.

Let’s begin with 3 days trip in Georgia. This blog might not give you a full description but definitely where to go in Georgia. but  Do comment after reading this does it excite you to visit Georgia or not.

1st Day:

A cab ride from Tbilisi Airport till accommodation, collecting glimpse of Tbilisi will boost excitement inside you and definitely will take you to another world to imagine, how fun it is going to be. The airport is 15-17 km away from the main city, but easily you will get a cab from outside of the airport. You just have to be very good with bargaining fare because they don’t work with a meter.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Day 1 started with a walking trip in Tbilisi, the first destination was Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi built in 2004, also known as a symbol of new Georgia. The Holy Trinity Tsminda Sameba Cathedral acknowledges as Sameba. The beauty and architectural structure of sameba are absolutely magnificent.

View of this church is eye-pleasing, perfect European style church located on top of the hill surrounded by nature on the bank of Kura River. Walking through the old part of the city we reached the Narikala fortress, an ancient fortress facing at the city from the hill.

Fort has different beauty from a different angle. Fort architecture has derived from a diverse culture like Arabic, Persian from different centuries. It offers charming views from the top with the twinkling lights down from the city.

The journey is incomplete without food, do try delicious Georgian food like Khachapuri, Tolma, Mesradi and Dolma with adding some tasty sweet for dessert Badriatoni, Pastila Kozinaki and baked cookies with pelamushi and obviously, any meal with red wine is a must when you are in Georgia.

georgia food

Walking around in the city you can also explore small local markets, mother of Georgia and bathhouses. The local markets have their own super fresh Georgian veggies which can be unknown to us.

The local market is as attractive as people, but this time also, you have to be good at negotiating because of NO PRICE TAG policy Fun apart, but you will get a chance to listen cute English attempt to communicate by old ladies in the market.

Next, the visit was in Freedom Square from Rustaveli Avenue, a thoroughfare in Tbilisi, where all important government and cultural buildings are, and freedom square is open space with a fountain branching out with 6 streets. Nothing can be more refreshing than visiting a bathhouse at the end of the day and enjoying natural steaming hot spring.

2nd Day:

Leaving the hustle-bustle of the city to the majestic mountain of north Georgia. Departed from Tbilisi early morning towards Mount Kazbek through Georgian military road. The road is little damaged so it can take almost 4-5 hrs to travel 125 km from Tbilisi to Mt. Kazbek. But it’s all worth it when you can encounter the astonishing climate of the northern part of the country.

While the journey to Mt. Kazbek 2 stops are mandatory. Ananuri Fortress, which included the UNESCO World Heritage site since 2007. The fortress is situated in the valley between two rivers Aragvi and Vedzatkhevi. 2 old churches, watch tower and few ruin domes are fun to watch and all credits go to the great history and mesmerizing landscape.

Mount Kazbek

Travelling towards the main area of Gudauri, a small village resided with ski resorts. From there you can go on an outing to Cross pass, Holy Trinity Monastery on the slopes of the Kazbek Mountain. Georgia is full of colorful adventure.

Gudauri ski mountains are a special charm in summer, It includes rock-climbing, camping, fishery, Whitewater rafting, Hiking and mountain bicycling. That’s how you can spend all your day on adventures sports along with experiencing the beauty of nature.

3RD Day:

Uplistsikhe caves

Last day at Uplistsikhe caves, also known as “Fortress of the Lord”, an ancient rock town which has a history more than 3000 years. It takes almost 3 hrs to reach from Gudauri to Gori from there it is approx 10km on the bank of the River Mtkvari.

Uplistsikhe has been recognized as the oldest urban towns in Georgia. Archaeologists have found numerous temples comparing to sun goddess, worshipped proceeding to the arrival of Christianity in Georgia.

Now it’s time to say bye to Georgia, we came back to Tbilisi which is just 80km away from Gori. As far as nobody has returned empty-handed from Georgia, a bucket full of memories, the enduring taste of delicious food, great respect and hospitality of citizens is always going to be with us. No doubt I am going to visit Georgia soon.

travel georgia


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