3 Days Travel Experience in Georgia- Culture | Food | Attractions
19 July, 2019

3 Days Travel Experience @Georgia- Culture | Food | Attractions

Visit Georgia, the native land of wine which always holds a charm with its lush green valleys, vineyards, pristine churches and watchtowers. It is one among the most elegant countries in the world making it a perfect destination for all kind of travelers. The Georgia tourist places own a unique heritage of art and architecture ranging from cave towns, primitive cathedrals and the incredible paintings of Niko Pirosmani.

Tbilisi, the Capital of Georgia is home for ancient buildings constructed with cobblestones. There exist various other destinations in this awe-inspiring country to explore. But, it would be wiser to stick around one culturally significant region to relish the three whole days to the fullest.

Your Georgia travel itinerary would be the best if you could traverse into the historical traits of Tbilisi.

Few Things to Know Before Visiting Tbilisi

The Language


The Language

The official language of the country of Georgia is Georgian, one among the ten oldest languages spoken in the world. The young people in the town and the ones who reside at major tourist destinations speak English. Thus, it won’t be difficult for you to catch up without speaking the Georgian language. Majority of the older people in the country speak only either Russian or Georgian. So, learning some of the Georgian phrases would be highly appreciated during your Georgia country travel.

How to Explore?



The historic town of Tbilisi offers a wide range of transportation facilities including taxis, buses and metro. The heart of the city can be easily explored either by foot or by a bicycle. Never miss the hillside topography of the town if you are roaming around on a bike. You can also hire a driver to take you to rove around the city limits. Also, feel free to rent a car and drive your own to enjoy the journey as per your desires.

Where to Reside?


Tbilisi owns wider options for budget accommodation facilities as per your comfort. A good number of apartments are also available on a rental basis with self-cooking provisions without exceeding your Georgia travel budget. The Old Town would be the best region to stay as it makes your visit to major attractions of Tbilisi easier.

Three Days at Tbilisi, the Capital Town of Georgia

Day 1


Make your way to the Rustaveli Avenue where you can explore the Freedom Square, Kashveti Church, the Rustaveli Museum and the Parliament premises of Georgia. After strolling along with these splendid locations, you can also enjoy a ballet or opera there at the Georgian National Opera Theater to immerse yourselves into the Georgian culture.

Later, you can take a walk along the Old Town and savor the delicious food from the top-quality restaurants. Never miss to try out the best Khachapuri in town from the Samikitno-Machakhela before winding up your day.

Day 2


Visit the Georgian Orthodox Church and the Anchiskhati Basilica, some of the oldest places of worship in Tbilisi to get the vibe of ancient culture. Later you can have some fun at the Mtatsminda Amusement Park if your trip is along with children. Take in the scenic views of Tbilisi as the park is situated on top of the Mount Mtatsminda. Also, make a visit to Narikhala, the ancient fortress of Tbilisi.

Experience having coffee/tea at the prestigious Gardenia Shevardnadze Little Cafe. Try out the incredible bath in the sulfur-rich water at the historic bathhouses at Abanotubani. After the pristine bathe experience, you can enjoy a traditional Georgian dinner along with savoring the best wine from the land of wines. The Wine World located at Lagidze Street offers one of a kind dining experience with mouth-watering dishes and traditional Georgian wine.

Day 3


Let us spend your last day in Tbilisi with a visit to the major city attractions and shopping. Take a walk along the Flea Market Dry Bridge and enjoy your shopping hours here. Make your way to the Marjanishvili neighborhood and also pay your visit to the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi. You can also opt to traverse into the countryside of Georgia if the time permits.  

Leave the town of Tbilisi with a handful of memories and let these three days lead you to know how to get to Georgia profoundly. Color your future voyages with this mesmerizing Georgia travel blog.


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