Georgia Travel Guide

Georgia Travel Guide 2018

                             “…It’s all about gorgeous Georgia!”


Settled on the intersecting point of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Georgia is a gorgeous small country that brimmed with wealthy tradition, history, greenish landscapes, outmoded monuments, and people with warm hearts. No surprises… as of this much eye-feasting attractions, and Georgia activities tourist opting Georgia as their destination to rejoice maximum.


Top things to do and Places to visit in Georgia:





At the foot of Mountain Trialeti and the banks of Kura River, Tbilisi –capital city of Georgia- surrounded with ravishing attractions to luring world travelers around the globe. The chief attractions including Narikala Fortress, Kartlis Deda, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Freedom Square, Sulfur Baths, the modern Bridge of Peace, and many more. Along with these sightseeing attractions Tbilisi is also houses diverse entertainment options viz; Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater, Mtatsminda Park, and various parks & leisure areas.




‘Mtskheta’… from traditional attractions to cultural and natural attractions let one to experience the real spirit of ‘Georgia’ in their holiday. Being one of the oldest cities of Georgia, is boasts various ancient attractions such as Jvari Mountaintop Monastery, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Shio-Mgvime monastery, fortress Beberi, and the list goes on. The local dining region is also prominent as rest of the attractions as these kinds of places help to acquire more about the local lifestyle and food habitats of Georgia.





Located 120 km away from Tbilisi, Gadauri is a young and fast developing winter sports zone of Georgia. Most pleasing ski season is from December to April to all the routes. The major sports include skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, cable car ride, and many more. This ski region is good to all thrill seekers and those who are looking for a change from routines.


Mount Kazbek

Mount Kazbek


One of the mountains in the Caucasus mountain range that located in the Kazbegi region.  Highest peak after ‘Shkara’ and ‘Janga’, and is the second volcanic summit in the Caucasus. This conical shape structure offering eye-popping scenes to the visitors. If you are visiting Georgia, Mount Kazbeg is a must.


Food, Accommodation, and Transportation:


Being a country of tourism, Georgia is very good in food, accommodation, and transportation, as well making Georgia holidays memorable.

Georgia is renowned for its traditional delicious cuisines, is feasible for budget and luxury travelers. The major traditional dishes are like Khinkali, Churchkhela, Ajapsandali, Lobio, Dolma, to name a few.

The accommodation is also kept its standard for every kind of travelers with warm hospitality. Some of the famous hotels are; Hotel Orion (Tbilisi), Tbilisi Marriott Hotel, Hotel Citadel Narikala, Marco Polo Hotel Gudauri, and more.

Transportation is quite pleasing for the Georgia travelers as this country features various types of travelling options –public transportation, bus, taxi, cable car- to reach all the destinations.


Best time to visit Georgia:


Georgia’s climate is diverse as it is relatively a small country. The Mountain Caucasus and black sea play a major role in the climatic variation. In general, colder in eastern region and warmth at the western region.

Every season is quite pleasing in Georgia, thanks to the geographical location. The mid-June to October regarded as the finest time to visit Georgia as this season climate is not too cold or hot… one can enjoy the summer spirit.


Know before visiting Georgia:


Georgia is a dazzling country that surrounded by beautiful foothills and sea. Tbilisi is the capital and largest city of Georgia. Georgia’s population is around 3.718, and is covers territory of 69,700 square kilometres. 83.4 % of people practices orthodox Christianity (eastern), rest of the people belongs to Islam, no religion, etc.


Georgian, Abkhaz language, and English


Georgian Iari


If you are planning to out Georgia, knowing things to do in Georgia,will help you to make your trip much easier!




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