7 Essential Phrases That Help You Make Friends While Travelling in UAE

With the advent of technology, the process of travelling has become a lot easier. From maps to virtual assistants, the telecommunication gizmos and apps are provisioned to help us traverse through any place, anytime. But it is wise not to rely fully on technology as they have a propensity to fail in most crucial times.

need special skills to make friends in dubai

Communicating with the local people is the best way to solicit help when you are travelling, it not only garners information but will also help you to discern the culture and spirit of your destination.

If you know English you can manage in any place or country they say. This must be true, but you can still learn the rudimentary basics of the language of a place you are visiting. This will equip you to survive in a foreign place better and also to communicate with the locals. Here are some phrases to help you when you are holidaying in UAE.

The Conversation Starter:

  • Hello ➡ Marhaba
  • How are you? ➡ Kaeefhalak
  • Thank you ➡ Shukran-lak
  • Yes/No ➡ NaAm/ La
  • What is your name? ➡ maiSmak
  • Thank You? ➡ Shukran-Lak
  • Excuse me ➡ MaAzera

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Some Travelling Queries

Here are some phrases pertaining to travel

  • How do I get to? ➡ Kaeefyomkanany El Hosoolala
  • Where is…? ➡ Ayna..
  • Is this the way to ? ➡ Hal hazahowa et-tareeqela
  • Where can I buy? ➡ Aynayomkananyshera
  • How much does it cost? ➡ Kam et-taklefa
  • How many? ➡ Kam al Aadad
  • Can I drive here? ➡ Hal yomkanany El qayada hona


To Find Instant Help


You cannot make friends or exchange niceties to strike up a conversation with someone when you are in trouble and in a hurry to get help. Here are some phrases to help you communicate when you are in an emergency situation and need help right away.

Help ➡ mosaAda

I need a doctor ➡ aHtajelaTabib

Do you have a phone ➡ Hal Ladikahatef

Where is the hospital? ➡ Ayna Al mustashfaa

Where is the nearest cash machine? ➡ Ayna aqrab Saraf aalee

I think I’m lost ➡ Annee mafqood

Is it safe? ➡ Hal howa aamen

7 phrases to help you make friends in the uae

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You can always start the conversation by asking people if they know English. In this time and age, chances are that they know English. ‘Hal TaTaKalam alanglizia’ is the Arabic translation of the phrase Do you speak English. In the worst case scenario, ie if you can’t remember all these phrases or find someone who speaks English, resort to sign language. The people of UAE are by nature helpful, friendly, and smart, they will know what you are asking for.

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