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15 July, 2019

How Technology Makes Travel Easy and Better

The act of discovering and experiencing new places has always tickled the fancy of the human race and the endeavour of traveling would have taken birth when the first human being learned to walk. The discovery of transportation revolutionized traveling as man learned to travel to places that he/she cannot reach by foot. After transportation technology, it was the mobile technology that drastically changed the industry and made traveling easier, cheaper and stress-free. Here are some new-age traveling technologies that greatly simplified the process and make globe-trotting, easy, efficient, cost-effective and enjoyable



Trip planning used to be a tiresome, exhausting exercise that many travel plans died down in the planning stage itself. Thanks to the newly developed apps and other technologies; trip planning does not involve hours spent on the phone finding and fixing travel ideas. The travel apps help you with a series of travel assistance services from making itineraries to packing. Apps like TripIt and Google trips will help you to develop and organize itineraries; apps are even available as travel specific like the Road trippers which cater to riders.



Once you are done with the planning and ready to make reservations based on your plan, there are best travel planning apps specifically designed to help you there too. Travel service aggregators like Airbnb, Hopper and Trivago will forage through the internet, travel websites and travel coupon sites to find the best deals that would perfectly suit any search request. The data garnered by such apps will let you compare prices and find top rated service that would fit your budget.




Technologies like Google Translate and iTranslate have undeniably augmented the travel industry. Gone are the days when travelers used to carry phrase books while traveling to get directions and other help. It makes escapade to an unknown place easier and it fills every traveler with a sense of security and the assurance that they can solicit help; even when they don’t speak the language of a particular place.



It is safe to say that Google Maps has revolutionized the way we travel. Like a true friend, the technology aids travelers to traverse through any place, any time. The Navigation apps not only show the way, but they also help travelers with estimated time, and the right mode of transport to reach the destination.




Another area where technology immensely helps travelers is to seek directions. This technology work in the lines of navigation, whereas the direction apps specifically assist us in getting the correct path to reach nearest hotels, restaurants, hospitals, railway stations and so on.  There are even apps that specialize in aggregating particular services and to find nearby travel resources. For example, the GasBuddy will find you the nearest gas stations by location and price.

The biggest challenge of relying on these technologies is that the connectivity can fail anytime. Without a network, the smartest of smartphones will become redundant. Some of these technologies are in the stage of refinement so that they work without connectivity, just fine. Therefore, if your destination is a remote place with patchy internet, help can still reach you.

Travel takes us out of the familiar, mundane settings and helps us break the monotony of life. It is nature’s way of reconfiguring and recharging our body and minds. Let these innovative and futuristic travel technologies inspire and empower you to seek the thrill of wandering.


Evangeline Smith

Content writer and travel blogger by profession, Evangeline likes to explore the globe and record it in writing so that she can visit the place in retrospect and so can her readers. A great travel blog can proffer the pleasure of visiting the place virtually and she strives to give that happiness to her readers. Evangeline scribbles tales of her escapades and adventures in this space and if you are looking for some travel information or inspiration, stick around.

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