how to kill time when surviving a delayed flight

Want to make the most of your waiting to be fun? Read this to find out how can you pass the time spent in the airport.

As a Traveler, only death, taxes, coins, and flight delay bowls over the thought of unwanted fate.

Basically, delayed flight pisses off the person, it gets worse when the board displays those three-letter airport codes and that makes you want to use the four-letter words to evince the feel, no chills at all.

That’s how people express their anger, but jokes apart. Delayed flights are not painful if you know how to make good use of your time at the airport. Eventually, the only things a person can do are shop, drink and eat. Besides the misery of waiting, take in the numerous options of creative, fun, and free things to make use of the time. Shun on to the best of Dubai travel tips.

Try some of our tested fun tips to kill the hours until your flight takes off:

Stroll in Airport

Burn some calories walking the entire airport for a good health, it will help stretch your muscles before a long flight. Hunt in for some good bookstores- only entertainment been in for ages.

Groove in for Conversation

Dubai travel tips

Cross paths, meet people and try comforting yourself as you shoot the breeze of sharing views on different issues with a stranger. You can even start off by asking, where are you headed to?

Boon – Social media

Live streaming on Instagram and Facebook to capture some funny moments sharing with everyone watching it. Observe the fellow passengers and post up in your story as #airportscenes.

Play + Challenge

# Ask a stranger to race on a wheelchair around the terminal

# Run around the terminal with your arms extended acting like an aeroplane

# Commando race down the chairs

# Prank a stranger  

Get wasted!


Go shopping, spend the coins, wear the right clothes to pass the time. Also, airports are getting overrated these days, so just browse in stores. As you know Dubai duty-free is slightly cheaper; getting yourself spending some extra money to get rid of? Go for it, make good use of this chance to goof around.

Grab a bite – foodie tour

Food slogging is the best way to the pastime. Have a leisure meal, undoubtedly with dozens of dining options.

Go Sightseeing

Go Sightseeing - flight delay

Deeming for a tour at Dubai city? A few minutes away from DXB airport, offers the best ways for you to pass the time until your next flight.

Browse in google for some good tour operators in Dubai.

A guide to top attractions –

  • Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world
  • Dubai Mall, an outrageous mall with 1,000 + shops and grand playing area
  • Traditional Souks- a marketplace selling some local goods
  • Jumeirah Mosque – one of the biggest mosque in Dubai
  • Desert Safari – never miss a thrilling experience when in Dubai.
  • Try on Desert safari sports activities like Dune Bashing, Sandboarding, camel ride, quad biking(optional).
  • Get back on the time of nomads. Enter in a traditional Bedouin campsite providing some relaxation in the tent as you smoke Shisha pipes, women can try on their hands on Henna designs, also try on the attire as an Arabian posing with a falcon.
  • Get served with the best of Arab Barbeque buffets, and some stunning dance performances (if included on package).

You could even check out some site for a perfect tour around the city.  

Youtube Stardom

Shoot in every activity and movement while you footslog in Dubai city. Vlogging as a youtube sensation will get you more followers and subscribers on your channel.

Relax in style

travel tips

Dubai terminal 1 yields the best of sleeping spaces in a better quality. You can relax in style if you are travelling in business class, provided with many comfortable chairs. Also there some hotels located within a quick drive outside the airport.

Spa visit

Got some time, why not pamper yourself before flying? The terminals have the best of Spa services providing, body scrubs, reflexology, aromatherapy, manicures, and pedicures. Don’t get yourself in trouble getting fully relaxed or you might miss the flight for sure.

Indoor activities

Expect the unexpected while in Dubai. The only airport to give a VR headset experience. Have an adrenaline rush on the trampoline going up and down. The terminal has a photo booth giving instant pictures snapped.

It isn’t a total nightmare if you see.

So next time you get stuck, remember some Dubai Travel Tips to survive the long haul flights.

Tell us in the comments below! How would you kill the time in the airport if the flight delays?

Keep flying!


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