How to Kill Time When Surviving a Delayed Flight
19 July, 2019

How to kill time when surviving a delayed flight

With the summer holidays swinging, we travelers usually have a dilemma of spending hours in the airport if the flights get delayed or when we face long transit times while checking-in. And if you are heading to Dubai International Airport, I must say, you might probably enjoy the long hauls just as it is said – the World’s Busiest Airport; very grateful to Emirates!

Fortuitously, Dubai Airport provides facilities for travelers to spare some time with comfort and tranquillity.

Shun on to our top 9 ways to survive a delayed flight in Dubai airport while you’re waiting to take off.

Take time to Enjoy the Zen Garden

Dubai Airport treats travelers with an indoor oasis to spend some quiet time and meditate, before flying. Located near Gates B7 and B27, Terminal 3 is the garden filled with verdant tropical plants, a sitting area and a play space for children.

Relax at Marhaba Lounge

While crossing Terminals 1, 2 and 3, relish the cuisines at the international buffet, Marhaba Lounge at Dubai’s airport or catch up at work. Also, be aware that if you use the shower it will cost you AED 53 extra!!

Grab a Bite from Pret-A-Manager

Food slogging is the best past-time. The popular UK restaurant has finally arrived in Dubai, the Pret-A-Manager. Have a leisure meal if you are traveling through Terminal 1; head to Concourse D and try Pret’s amazing chicken and avocado sandwich for AED 30 only.

Shop till you drop

Pick the high-end branded designs in and around the airport as Dubai duty-free is slightly cheaper. Also, make sure you stock some clothes, perfumes, make-up or other essentials, including Gucci and Marc Jacobs.

Power Nap at the Snooze Cubes

Take your power naps between the flight delays heading to Snooze Cube in Terminal 1, where you can rent a private compact room with an access bed, free WiFi and a touchscreen TV offering movies and music. Then the Terminal 3 offers Sleep and Fly Lounge (fly pods) where you can relax in igloo-style pods that accommodate 2 people with prices starting from AED 62.

Rest in style



Dubai Terminal 3 yields the best of sleeping spaces where passengers relax in recliner chairs and enjoy some stress-free time before their flight. It is located near Terminal 3, the Concourses A and B. Also, note that these chairs fill up quickly and are not necessarily quiet areas, but you can snag a seat if available and pop in your headphones.

Visit a Spa

Have you got some more time before your flight? Then, it is the time to pamper yourself before flying with a soothing massage. Terminal 3, Dubai International Hotel offers you a timeless spa treatment starting from AED 400. Glam up with body scrubs, reflexology, aromatherapy, manicures, and pedicures. Don’t get yourself in trouble by getting fully relaxed, else you might miss the flight.

Fun activities for little wanderers

Terminal 3, Concourse B, has the unexpected interactive Kid’s Zone at DXB, located between Gates B 7 and B 8. It features a play area with the television screens broadcasting children’s programs and a climbing area for kids to burn off extra energy before the next flight. Concourse B also provides you with baby changing rooms.




Amusingly the WiFi at DXB is claimed to be the world’s fastest working internet. For all the Binge-watchers, you have a better catch of streaming your favorite movies or TV shows that you’ve been missing out lately.

It isn’t a total nightmare if you see. Don’t you think?

So next time you get stuck, remember some Dubai Travel Tips to survive the long haul flights.

Tell me how would you kill the time in the airport, if there is a flight delay. Mention in the comments below.

Fly high in colors and live a moment of joy even if it’s a rush!


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