How to plan a trip to Egypt

If you are a travel enthusiast with adventure spirit and explorer’s keenness then Egypt will be one of your dream-destination. This country with true treasures of prehistoric world is known for attractive landmarks like Sphinxes, Nile River, pyramids, valley of kings etc… So, a trip to Egypt, the land of Pharaohs and Pyramids, will be amazing, only if you plan it well.

Now, let us take a look into the things to do in Egypt and the things you need to pay attention when planning a trip to Egypt.

If you plan it well then, Egypt holidays will be the best because, Egypt is a budget friendly holiday spot, as the food and accommodation here is cheap. You will get single beds for $8-10 USD and doubles for approximately $12/20. Though accommodation and food are cheap, when visiting a landmark, the baksheesh (tipping) is estimated, to be higher than the entry fee, and that is the only concern we have to tackle with. Local food items will cost only few dollars and if you prefer bus, shared taxis or minibus for transportation, then you don’t have to worry about your pocket!

This country has got a varying climate, hence, the best time to visit Egypt is autumn or spring season. Because during these seasons,  the warm places like cairo, Luxor, Aswan etc won’t be very scorching and the calmer places like Sinai won’t be freezing.  Tourists usually prefer winter season to visit this country as the climate is comfortable and the hotel prices are cheaper too making your Egypt vacation smoother.

Depending upon your interests and choices to explore Egypt, the number of days can vary. If you wish to explore entire Egypt then you may need 2-4 weeks. But if you have to visit only the main attractions or your choice of places, then you can wind up your sightseeing within a week. For that you should have a better understanding about Egypt. The city of Cairo is known for pyramids, camel ride, mosque and historical sites. This is one place that no traveler would like to miss out.  To explore Cairo you will need at least three days trip. The ancient capital city, Luxor, is known as the land of temples and tombs. It is also a favorite destination of travelers and a minimum of three days is required to explore this city…. To feel the beauty of this country as a whole you must also take part trips and sightseeing opportunities like Romantic felucca sailing tour, activities like scuba diving and snorkeling etc.

As you are aware, Egypt has a huge number of tourist attractions and for that reason, if you plan to go it by yourself, it can be very tiring and hectic. In order to avoid hurry-burry and tension, the best choice for a worry-free sightseeing in Egypt is to choose a tour operator. So, if you are booking a package through an operator, then you should make sure that, you had gone through every detail of their itinerary, costs, accommodation type, group size, activities and transport facilities too. Before confirming the booking, never forget to contact the tour operator through phone or in person to clarify your doubts and queries, if any.

To put it in brief, planning a trip beforehand will not only help you to explore your interests but also will make your sightseeing, easier, convenient and budget friendly. If you plan your trip to Egypt in advance then this country will never disappoint you…

Well begun is half day, so plan Egypt tours …. Good luck!




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