8 Popular UAE Festivals You Shouldn't Miss in 2019 [ Official List ]
20 July, 2019

Important UAE Festivals and Holidays

A harmonic federation of seven Emirates, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) attracts millions and millions of people in every season and every year with its abundance of specialties. But to squeeze the full essence of UAE, as tourists, perhaps there are hardly any alternatives than partaking on its prime events that exemplifies the nation’s authentic flavors. Indeed, it is way better than any sightseeing tours in all that aspect. For that take a quick glance in to all major festivals of UAE so as to select the ideal season for your upcoming trip.

List of Top UAE Festivals

1. Dubai Shopping Festival

One of the pioneering concepts of Dubai government, ‘Dubai Shopping Festival’ (DSF) was started on 12th February 1996 and is happening once in every year in the month of January, prior to summertime. This shopping festival was introduced to support trade and commerce of Dubai. On the time of this shopping occasion, Dubai’s shopping malls, and shopping hubs offer reduced rates for all the products with several deals and bonuses including surprise gifts, gold coins, cash prizes, flats, vehicles, various shopping & travel tickets, and more.

Dubai Shopping Festival

If you are visiting Dubai on the season of DSF (January), you can go home with choicest things along with some unexpected freebies.

2. Dubai Summer Surprise

The summertime event, ‘Dubai Summer Surprise’ (DSS) is conducted annually (June, July, and August) for the Dubai visitors and residents to make their shopping experience really pleasing with huge offers, surprises, and deals. During the time of this event, you can see ‘Modhesh’ aka worm Mascot of DSS in Dubai’s prime commercial hubs such as hotels, shopping hubs, theme parks, etc. Besides shopping and free gifts, it is also a great platform for entertainments… making one’s Dubai visit truly awesome.

Dubai Summer Surprize

Book a flight to Dubai during the time of DSS (June, July, and August) to make your tour exceptional with shopping, gifts, and entertainments.

3. UAE National day

UAE National Day symbolizes the harmonious unity of 7 emirates of UAE. Previously UAE has only 6 Emirates, later Ras Al Khaimah joined this union on December 2nd of 1972… this day is celebrated as ‘National day of UAE’. As the special occasion of UAE, people gather and celebrate the day with parades, cultural festivals, shopping, and delicious cuisines. On this day some top shopping destinations –City Walk, Mall of Emirates, Dubai Mall- also offers amazing deals for the shoppers.

UAE National day

Visiting Dubai on December 2nd will be a fine platform to learn something more about UAE than usual touring.  

4. Art Dubai

Art Dubai

Like its very name ‘Art Dubai’ is all about creative arts. Over the years, it has played a vital role in UAE’s global reach in art and design. Now it is regarded as one of the international art exhibitions of UAE. Art Dubai attracts all from near and far to witness the creativity of the international and local artists. If you are one that with the passion for art or love art, plan a trip on these dates, 21-24 March of 2018 to experience it on your holidays. It will be a next level experience for you.

5. Dubai Jazz Festival

Dubai Jazz

‘Dubai Jazz Festival’ is an amazing music festival held annually (mainly in February) in Dubai. Over the past many years, this festival witnessed the great concerts of renowned musicians namely Archie Schepp, Stanley Jordan, Billy Cobham, and many more. In previous years, this festival attracted millions of fans… number is expected to grow in coming years. Fill some essence of rave on your holidays by partaking ‘Dubai Jazz Festival’.

6. Eid Al Adha

Eid Al Adha

A proud event of UAE, Eid Al Adha is celebrated as a mark of respect for reverent Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son as per Allah’s command. Thus it is also called as ‘Festival of Sacrifice’. The exact date depends on moon sighting, and it also marks Hajj end too (pilgrimage journey to Mecca). People of UAE celebrate this occasion by sharing food and money to the poor and needy. As the major event of UAE, it lasts 3 days and concludes with various entertainments, concerts and fireworks.

You can experience UAE in a festive mood if you are planning a holiday during this season.

7. Eid Al Fitr

Eid Al Fitr

The glorious event that is celebrated by 1.6 million of Muslims all over the world, ‘Eid Al Fitr’ marks the breaking of fast at the end of Ramadan and the starting of ‘Shawaal’, the 10th month of lunar calendar. This celebration is subjected to moon’s appearance and it varies in different countries (mainly on June 14 – June 17). Usually, the festival day begins with prayers that are often held on Mosques and large open grounds (Eidgahs). Once the fast breaks, the traditional foods are served to the people with love. So, visiting UAE on this season is an ideal opportunity to witness the religious harmony with the real taste of Arab cuisines.

8. Prophet’s Birthday

UAE celebrates Prophet’s Birthday every year as their respect to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. Some communities conduct open-air celebration with large parades on this day to show their love for him. This celebration often ends with sharing birthday cakes and meal to all, including non-Muslims. And most importantly, it is observed as ‘dry day’, (so alcohols in bars and restaurants are restricted). This celebration effectively portrays the Islamic brotherhood.

Prophet's Birthday

These are some of the major UAE festivals, and the list goes on. If you plan a trip on this season, it will be much better to make your vacation out of the ordinary. Leave to the wonderful nation and make best memories to rejoice!!

Important UAE Festivals and Holidays

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