3 Inspiring Travel TED Talks You Should Watch Now!
21 August, 2019

3 Inspiring Travel TED Talks You Should Watch Now!

The drum roll of the trip echoed in social media and the billboards published the same. But what if you sneak out for a long-short trip to prove something to yourself, spread awareness to others and have a real purpose behind your journey.

It won’t be for the likes and shares but to stipulate serious motivation in others for a better world. Women in this century are zealously trying the impossible and building their own huge space for others to follow. Furthermore, here are such brave women who have an uncompromised travel story to say to the world. They didn’t just travel to see places but to inspire, inform and intrigue others who pass by them and their inspirational talks about travel journeys, leaves the world to ‘pause’ and take up such quests.

We don’t get to listen such stories every now and then, but they are so promising that we will get to hear more stories of such women in the coming years.

Journeys are not mere trips… but they are ‘life’ for some…

Expeditions and stories have always inspired people around the world. Not being envious with the situation the person has undergone, but being the untamed tale that evokes wonderstruck to the listeners. Raw stories reach through TED TALKS, a platform that has seen some of the rare and utmost amazing stories. Let’s see the story of three women who didn’t just do mere traveling, but they sprung inspiration to others at every step.

Karen Bass: Unseen footage, untamed nature

Traveling around the whole world from East to West, from North to South without seeing the harsh climate or ruthless situations to get the perfect shot in her camera which she believes is ‘life amazing’ is what brought her to the official TED conference and the first selected person for my blog.

The talk presented by her, portrays her patience watch for 2 years to get the grizzly bears emerging from hibernation in Alaska. The shot sketches the depth of her passion as a filmmaker, photographer, and traveler. To be present in the exact place at the perfect time and being ready for the click is so difficult and the accuracy is being appreciated.

Karen Bass

She has spent 20 years at BBC’s Natural History Unit and during this venture she has shot some of the exceptional ones such as the first-ever film on bonobo in the Congo rainforest, erupting volcanoes in the Caribbean to shoot the nocturnal world of raccoons and many more. With the blend of passion for natural history and wildlife, she is rebuilding the way we see life on Earth.

Let’s say she has made her mark on most of the harsh situations and places where nobody dared to cross. The array of series created by her is namely Jungle, other works of her are the episodes of Natural World, Wild Caribbean, Andes to Amazon, Pygmy Chimp and Wildlife on One. Check out the Unseen footage, untamed nature, which is known as one of the most inspiring travel TED Talks and comment below your unique journey.

Rachel Sussman: The World’s Oldest Living Things

The oldest, still living organism in the world is surely not human beings, but there are many, which were unknown to the humankind until Rachel Sussman provided a big spotlight to them. She has traveled with a team of biologists through the relentless places to photograph those living organisms that have survived for 2,000 years and more. It begins from the brain coral of Tobago’s coast whose age is 2,000-years to South Africa’s underground forest that had survived since the beginning of agriculture.

The blend of art, science, and philosophy to bring such a unique theme led her to the official travel TED Talks conference titled “Oldest Living Things in the World”. Her talk opens a new spectrum of living organisms that have survived through the tantrums of climatic change and human encroachment, giving us an alarming situation to think about and change, without which the future is at stake.

Rachel Sussman

Rachel Sussman, the American contemporary artist, and photographer with her series of conceptual photographs in “Oldest Living Things in the World” probes into “profound time and long-term thinking”. With her travel partner, the Mamiya 7 II camera, she has traveled to every continent in search of the continuously living organisms, the highlight of which is the 9,500 years old, Spruce Gran Picea #0909-11A07.

She traveled to an elevation of 15,000 feet in the Atacama Desert to record the 2,000+ years old La Llareta #0308-2B31. The location of some has been kept confidential for its own protection. By choosing a varied topic and turning it a grand success, also, she has traveled through the traces of life and time; making her The Ambassador of My Blog.

Roz Savage: Why I’m Rowing Across the Pacific

On a 23-foot rowboat, rowing over 8000 miles, taking about 5 million oar strokes and spending 312 days alone in the Pacific Ocean, she not only seized the tides but also the hearts of many. She has turned into a real-life motivator for spreading awareness on Global plastic waste, which gets eventually dumped in the sea through such escapades. Roz Savage entered the Guinness World Records for being the first woman to row solo across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans and plunged into my blog for being a ‘SUPERWOMAN’. When she rowed through the Atlantic Ocean, in 2005, the year of Hurricane Katrina, she was left with four broken oars she had. Reaching only a halfway and all you could see around is water, what would one do as oars are the only means of propulsion there.

Food, water and oxygen keeps us going and nothing can survive without the other and now the scenario is, what if the watermaker gets broken? Even though water is all around you and has no drop to drink? She explains her adventure with a wide grin as if she handled the situation so smoothly, but imagining those scenes would give us nerves of how she would have faced the condition. “The only soul drifting in the ocean, she captured the waves and kept her dreams alive”.

Roz Savage

How far will you go chasing your dreams? The dreams that keep you awake? The answer to her is miles and more miles to go. At the age of 30 and working as a management consultant, she created two types of obituary for herself and realized that she has not done anything which drove her heart throbbing out of her mouth.

She flagged her boat to the ocean and from there she didn’t stop. Age doesn’t come with boundaries and at the age of 51, she still chases the undone adventures. She was awarded MBE- Member of the Order of the British Empire in 2013 for her unconditional work of spreading environmental awareness. Later in the year of 2014, she gained an honorary degree from Bristol University.

Purpose of life can be many, but for some their life begins when they move out of the ordinary to have an adventure filled ‘travel story’. These stories hold a place in the ‘most inspiring travel TED Talks’ category only because of their grand work and gender just motivate other women to keep the spring jumping.

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