Travel Photographers you should be following on Instagram in 2019
15 July, 2019

Travel Photographers you should be following on Instagram in 2019

Travel photographers do more than just fill your Instagram feed with gorgeous images. They evoke the ‘travel love’ in every viewer and lure even the most slothful person to step out of their house and take a trip to various destinations.

There are many rewards if you follow travel photographers on Instagram; great landscape pictures will warm your heart, it will also enlighten us about unknown lands and cultures. Also, gifted travel photographs can inspire and motivate you to set your sails and seek the thrill of exploration.

Here are some Travel photographers you should follow on Instagram to gain endless travel inspiration!

1. Jack Harding

If you wish to visit Europe, Jack Harding’s Instagram page will give you the due edge to book your tickets and to pack for your dreams. This English Travel and lifestyle photographer proffers the best of Europe onto your mobile screens. Jack’s camera captures and unveils the less explored, secluded places of Europe which seems ethereal and blissful through his lens.

2.Travis Burke

Travis Burke, a California based Travel photographer, strives to capture the ‘emotions and motions’ of the traveler as much the place and the scenery. Being an athlete himself, Burke clicks pictures where travelers are seen in the middle of the action, paragliding surfing, diving, skiing, or engaged in every travel adventure possible. His images are vivid, action-packed and so full of energy that they are bound to augment your travel spirit.

3.Gray Malin

Beautiful destinations with a dash of vintage charm, that’s what Gray Malin proffers through his Instagram page. The New York-based photographer has a keen eye to capture the quaintness of every scenery his camera focuses on. Another interesting trait of his photographs is the teal finish his photos carry. The photos look so soothing and prepossessing that a scroll through his page will calm your mind.

4. Ever Changing Horizon

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One of the dreamiest swims out there, and the rest of the world thinks so too. Swipe to see the reality of how crowded this place gets. And they say this is the slow season. So to get a shot we wait for a moment between tour busses and still have to edit out a few people. Check the third slide for my Lightroom edit. It took about 15 min to get what I wanted on this one. . . Just cause I know I’m gonna get this question – I don’t sell presets. I don’t use them because I subscribe to the idea that every photo needs something different. Editing is by far my least fav aspect of the job. In my last 100 posts, I’ve had to take out people like this 2 times, so this was one of the tougher and more intricate alterations I’ve done. My average edit time is about 2 minutes. 🏊🏻‍♀️ @jess.wandering

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The Instagram page ‘Ever Changing Horizon’, handled by Travel photographer Quin puts forth exactly what the name suggests – the ever-changing moods of nature and its myriad colorful shades. Quin’s photos are vibrant and full of life. Most of his photos are shot in birds-eye-view angle, which elevates the liveliness and radiance of the images. He is adept at capturing sprawling valleys and sky full of stars..

5.Sean Ensch

Compelling, commanding, captivating yet simple; Sean Ench’s photographers underlines the fact that less is more. His photos are delightfully different from the works of his peers. Sean’s image gallery, which mostly displays remarkable landscape shots, will steal your breath. The stunning images of mountains, rocks, wind, sky and the waves depict more than just the beauty of nature. The images convey the alluring energy and force of nature.

6.Loic Lagarde

Loïc Lagarde, a French photographer based in Paris, captures places in its celebratory mode. His camera captures the most happening spots of famous holiday destinations. His photos are usually dripping with colors, lights, and confetti. More than landscapes, Loic clicks pictures of cities and their iconic edifices and he captures megastructures from a low-angle, conveying the enormity of the mighty buildings.

7.Kirsten Alana

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As I departed LAX to fly to Québec this week, there was a moment where I had the most profound sense of gratefulness for the fact that I can live in California. A state that is home to this spot off Highway 1, one of the most beautiful scenic drives in the United States. One of my favorite drives anywhere in the world in fact, even though I’ve been to more than 50 countries. The longer @dante.vincent & I live in California, the more grateful I find myself becoming. . But speaking of drives I’m excited to be back in Canada, which is a country I have really come to love, driving around with @vw this week. This is my first time being in Quebec as an adult outside of Montréal and I can’t wait to share with you what I’m experiencing deep in a winter wonderland two and a half hours outside of the city. The snowdrifts are as tall as houses and the cold will actually take your breath away, but now that I know I get to return home to sunny California when this is over — winter has taken on a whole new fun meaning for me! . . . . #CaliforniaWild #highway1california #highway1 #roadtripcalifornia #mcwayfalls #californiahighway1 #visittheusa #discovertheusa #usaroadtrip #shotoniphone

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There are some very talented female photographers in the lot and a prominent name among them is Kirsten Alana. The L.A based photographer serves flattering images of tourist destinations on her Instagram page. What makes Kirsten stand out among other photographers is the description she gives for her photos. She describes the setting of the location and how she felt when she captured it. Her very personal and uncomplicated elucidations make the pictures more beautiful and humane.

Instagram feeds us with heaps of information every day; both good and bad, beautiful and unsightly, sad and happy. The travel pages and photographs, on the other hand, can only make us happy and motivate us to break free from the ordinary. The images of beautiful scenery, a bustling celebration, a beguiling tradition or an adrenaline-inducing adventure activity will take your spirit to the spot, enabling you to imagine how it feels to be there, and push you to take yourself there finally.

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