7 Interesting Travel Facts You Probably Never Heard In Your Life
19 July, 2019

7 Interesting Travel Facts You Probably Never Heard In Your Life

There are many places in the world that are visited because of the interesting trivia attached to it, more than its scenic beauty. Knowing travel facts can help you in many ways; it will open up new destinations and roads for you; will help you appreciate a place better. Familiarizing oneself with the facts and whimsies of a particular culture, people and places can also help you to keep away from troubles while you are traveling in those places.

Here are some travel facts that will enlighten you about places and make you eager to travel.

1.This Norwegian Town has the smallest name

Norwegian smallest TownSometimes the administrators of a place can get so lazy that they reduce the name of a place to an alphabet. There is a Town in Trøndelag, Norway which is known by the name A. The place is receiving tourist visits owing to its novel name and delightful snow covered terrains.

2.What about the longest Name?

longest town name in worldWhen we are around the topic of names, imagine how big the longest place name would be? A hilly area near Porangahau, New Zealand has the longest name in the world; a whopping 85 letter name!


this word that seems like a complex, misspelled sentence is actually the name of a place. The administrators of this place should learn a thing or two from the people of Norway.

3.Do not salt your food when you are eating in Egypt

The land of majestic Pyramids is also a place of some weird traditions. The people of Egypt are very adept at preserving their rich history and customs; the mighty Pyramid that stands towering over Giza is the greatest testimonial for that.

Giza PyramidOne such whimsical tradition that still prevails in the land of Pharaohs is the ‘food seasoning’ rule. It is considered rude to salt or season your food once it has been served. The people of Egypt are lovely and very tourist-friendly as long as you respect and comply with their quaint customs. So when you are traveling in Egypt, avoid using salt shakers and pepper crushers.

4.The Land of Myriad Lakes and Island

Land of thousands lakesFinland is famously known as ‘Land of Thousand Lakes’. We all know that the scenic Scandinavian country is sluiced by thousands of babbling lakes, a whopping 187,888 lakes to be exact. The fact that many travelers are unaware about is that the place is also profuse with stunning Islands. The country has over 180,000 islands, which incidentally makes Finland the country with the most number of Islands.

5.The Great Wall of China is held together by sticky rice in many portions

The Great Wall of ChinaOne of the ancient creations of man that has miraculously withstood the test of time is the Great Wall of China. But surprisingly the creation belonging to the Ming dynasty, surviving 375 years is not the interesting trivia about it. The astonishing trivia behind the Great Wall is that it is being held by sticky rice in many portions. Some recent studies have revealed that sticky rice was added to the wall’s mortar to make it earthquake resistant.

6.France has the highest number of time zones

France time zonesYou might be wondering how a country, as small as France, can have many time zones passing through it. But yes, this trivia is true. France has the highest number of time zones, more than any other country on this planet. France covers 12 time zones, passing through the Mainland and its overseas territories such as Tahiti, New Caledonia.

7.Fancy a trip to King’s Landing

Game of Thrones is set in CroatiaPlaces featured in films and TV series are always coveted by avid travelers and fans of pop culture. One such destination that has soared to the top of world tourism map is Croatia. The capital of this quaint European country, Dubrovnik, has been receiving an influx of tourists in the past few years. The fictional city of King’s Landing from the popular HBO series- Game of Thrones is set in Croatia.

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Don’t limit your travel list to famous travel destinations and hyped tourist spots. Explore places that have fascinating histories, interesting people, unusual culture, or some quirky stories attached to it.

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